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An Old Croaked House, California Part 3
An Old Croaked House, California Part 3

An Old Croaked House, California Part 3


When Mrs Lewis closed the door and looked around, she couldn't see anyone. That's strange. These scary things were happening and now, silence. She couldn't understand what to do! This is very weird and that never happened before.

She thought to look around and search for some clues and even thought to call the police, but she needs some evidence before calling because her case was like a made-up story for children.

She first went into the kitchen looking, very worried and tensed and started searching for anything (She doesn't know what she is searching). She started removing pans, pot and plates. The spoons were making a lot of noise, but she didn't care. Then, at the end of her searching, she found the pot which fell on the floor. It had squeezed in. Someone has thrown or hitten this in someone's head.

Leaving the pot on the platform, she went into the living room. Everything was looking the same, lights were off, so she quickly went to the switch, and switched it on. There was no one, nothing extra kept. Just the living room, Mrs Lewis loved. The chandelier hanging to the ceiling was dancing as the wind was rushing inside. Any she saw the chandelier dancing, she couldn't understand where the wind was coming from.

When Mrs Lewis got tired of searching and got nothing, she decided to go back to her room. For a while, she thought that she might be dreaming and she should just go back and rest and she switched off the lights of the living room and turned to walk back.

As she opened the door of her room, as horrors of horror. She saw her neighbour, lying on her bed, died. Blood was all over her bed. Her clothes had blood stains around her stomach. Looking at this, Mrs Lewis screamed as loud as she could and started crying.

She couldn't think anything except calling the police, so, she quickly went to the landline and dialled the number. Her hands were shaking so much that she couldn't dial the number. She was extremely petrified. Soon, the police picked her call.

"Hello, this is 911?" she asked, her voice was trembling.
"Yes, ma'am. How can I help you?" the man on the call answered.
"Uh..." she couldn't say anything, "I'll explain later, but could you please come at House no. 36, Martin Luther King, road, Luminaire colony," she said and she ended the call.

While the police were arriving, she switched on the lights and took a seat on one of the sofas in the living room. She didn't want to go to her room. That body of her neighbour was very scary and frightening. She couldn't understand what happened. She was outside, in the living room and no one was there in the house. And how did her neighbour, in the first place, came in the house, without even ringing the bell or informing her? Why would she come to the middle of the night? She was very scared. A lot of things were going on in her mind. She was desperately waiting for the police to arrive.

In a few minutes, the doorbell rang. Mrs Lewis was expecting the police, and there they were. Two, young officers were standing at the door, one man and one woman.

"Ma'am, did you call us?" they asked her, confidently.
"Yes... thank you so much for coming. Please follow me!" she said.

Mrs Lewis decided to take them, directly in her room and then tell them what happened. She quickly showed them her room and as soon as they arrived on the door, she stopped and slowly opened the door. The officers gasped.

"How did this happened? Who is she, Ms?" they started asking questions.
"This is my neighbour... I don't know her name. We have met each other today when I went to her home." she explained a little.
"Ma'am, we want you to come with us in our office. There we will talk in detail. There is nothing to worry about. You will be totally fine. Till then our officers will be taking your neighbour to the examining room. Is that fine, ma'am?" they said and they closed the door.

A few more officers came in and took her neighbour's body in a separate car. Before leaving the house, they cross-examined the house and till then, Mrs Lewis was taken in the car. The police couldn't find any bloodstains except her bed. They also found two knives. One was clean and the second one had blood on it. There was no other evidence found except the knives. They picked it up and sealed it in an airtight plastic pouch.

After around twenty mins, both the officers came outside and locked the house and windows and appointed two officers to stay around the house. Then, they sat in the car and went straight to the police station.

Author Notes: Hey guys!!!
This is the end...
Hoping that you might give me a review or something!!! Please do!! I will be happy to hear all of your ideas and views!
I will soon be adding the fourth part too, that will be more interesting!!

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28 Sep, 2020
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4 mins
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