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From Failure to Success
From Failure to Success

From Failure to Success

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"If you fail to achieve your goal, change the strategy not the goal."
Lord Krishna

We all have dreams to accomplish in life. To achieve them, we all work vigorously for it, but everyone cannot be successful. Many people fail to achieve their goals, but does that mean that they will sit and cry that they failed. No, life is like this, where you expect high, but you may not get what you desire to.
Teachers, family, friends, and well-wishers will always support and encourage you even if you failed.
Failure is a feeling that is very difficult to take. It brings a lot of negative thoughts and makes you feel disappointed. Some people get depressed when they lose something huge. People give up. They give up not because of poor performance but the fear of poor performance and feel feared to attempt again. They think that they will always lose in life, but will all these things help them?
People should rather believe that it is important to do our best, whether we lose or win. You must give your hundred per cent in it and do it with passion and determination. They should realize the meaning of hard work and hard work is not the same as always achieving and ultimate success. You shouldn't give up and try to find ways to improve your ability and performance.
If fear overcomes you, then, you will always fear to try something new and think that you will lose or fail even before doing it. You will always think negative in life which will never give you a positive impact. You will stop improving and never be able to find or explore new abilities in you that might make you successful in life. You will underestimate yourself and think like a loser.
Failure in one field that does not render a person useless. It is the fear of the failure that de energises a person. When we can't achieve success in one field, we might try exploring some other potential and may succeed in that. Just work hard for it and never stop improving, cause there is always a scope to improve in life.
Everyone has some potential in themselves, it is just, they are supposed to find it and drive your car on that track to find a beautiful destination.

Author Notes: I hope you like it... My Freinds... at least you give some review

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7 Oct, 2020
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