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My First Letter to My Favourite Teacher

My First Letter to My Favourite Teacher

By Sansid - 2 Reviews

To my dearest Soyna ma'am,

A letter which express 1/4th about you. I can't give you anything in return to what you have done to me and what is your role in my life. I hope you undertsand how much I love you. Firstly, before you read anything, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MA'AM!!!

It's been two years since I am with a teacher whom I can never forget in life. You are one of the most inspirational yet strict teacher. I am talking about, you, Soyna Ma'am, my Social Studies teacher. You are a tall, middle-aged woman who is a little plump lady. Your eyes are always eager to teach your students. You have black eyes and long brown hair and often wear kurtas and jewellery. The smartest thing about you is your Apple watch which has a black strap.

Your way of teaching things and conducting class is one of the most enjoyable one. I feel great studying with you. You are a very kind and sweet teacher but sometimes you are very angry and strict to students. That was the reason, why I feared you last year, but this year, you have become my favourite teacher of all time. You are an honest lady and straightforward in nature. I find your classes very informative and inspirational.

One of the first reason I like you is that you have inspired me! My parents couldn't do that but you have done it! I know that you are from the law background. I remember you told me that your father is a judge in The Supreme Court of India. Beacuse of you, I feel that I can be a lawyer and can do good in Legal Studies. You have always guided me whenever I have asked in many ways and I am taking intrest in her subject. What else, can a teacher be proud of? You have inspired a child! I always look forward to learn more from you and I always learn something new in your class.

One thing, I have to say that you are very paticular about our notebooks. You want everything neat and underlined. Honestly, first I thought that what is this, man? Who do this? This is what teachers of junior section ask her students to do but then when I saw that beacuse of that, my notebook was so organised and clean that you can't imagine. If you see my notebook, you will feel like heaven while reading it. A beautiful handwriting with important points underlined. Heading written in bold and after every question, there is a line made. My notebook was so beautiful that you always gave me straight 5 marks out of 5.

In the end, I just have to say that I am glad that I can work with you and be your student. I am very grateful to have such a lovely teacher who is very easy to understand and so loving and caring. I have never got such teacher in my 9 year school life.

Thank you so much Soyna Ma'am,

Lots and lots of love,

Your student from 9-B

Author Notes: So... I have actually sent this letter to my teacher and it will arrive at 20 October 2020! It is actually her birthday and I just wanted to give this is her as a gift! I have intentionally written in italics as this is my writing... so! You know! Please comment on this. This is very close to me!

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16 Oct, 2020
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