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Our Beautiful Mother Earth
Our Beautiful Mother Earth

Our Beautiful Mother Earth


“The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.”

Mahatma Gandhi

I am Mother Earth, the only planet in the solar system, that has life and existence. I am giving life to all the living creatures and shelter to all the non-living things. All was well and I never thought that this day of destruction will ever come but, I was wrong. As time passed, technology and industries started developing at a rapid pace. Greed increased and it led to mindless exploitation and misuse of nature and natural resources. Such a greed-based race is damaging the nature. Forests are cut or burnt for growing crops and building homes and factories to meet the needs of the exploding human population. Many species go extinct and many continue to lose their homes and die. Industries grew and it led to water, air, soil, and noise pollution. Rivers got dirty, the soil got degraded and over-used. Smoke is everywhere. It is really hard to breathe, and I was feeling very suffocated.

Many diseases, many of which are man-made, are adversely affecting health and social life. Greed-based and indiscriminate use of technology and its ill-effects are causing serious threats to the very existence of humans and all other creatures and ultimately my existence.

In this darkness, I have a pleasant experience to share. During the current lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19, when most of the industries are temporarily shut down, vehicles are off the road, people are staying indoors, there is a noticeable change in me. A ray of light has emerged. Dolphins and other sea animals have come to the shore and can be seen easily, the air is getting cleaner and fresh, the sky is blue and clean, rivers are getting clean. Animals are feeling safe and can be seen in various places. Birds are chirping. I am feeling relieved and better, after a prolonged struggle.

The nature is really powerful and has the power to clean itself. There is a significant improvement in nature without any action. It shows that there is an inevitable need to pause and think rather than indulging in the blind race of greed.

I have given you all so much, I deserve to be protected and be beautiful again. Humans, being amongst the most intelligent species of nature carry the biggest responsibility to protect me and save this creation of life. This can be achieved by adopting ways and means of sustainable development and striking a balance between development and nature preservation. My children, always remember that my survival and well-being are important for the survival and well-being of you all.

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14 Sep, 2020
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2 mins
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