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A True Friend
A True Friend

A True Friend


A true friend is someone whom you would enjoy spending time with. They will never be busy or occupied to share and spend time with you. Time and distance don’t matter to them because you are a big part of their life. A true friend is compassionate and affectionate.

They are faithful and, stay even when everyone has left you and, stand for you when the rest of the world is abandoning you. They will never let you feel lonely and always be at your back and will never betray you in any way, talk about you behind your back.

They will always let you see reality as it is. They will tell the most painful truth even if it hurts your feelings. They will always be there even if you are at your bad times. They will always see the best in you, even if you are better from them. They are trustworthy and someone you can trust and share all your feeling and problems without any unwillingness or apprehension. A true friend is someone who knows how to make you comfortable and happy. They will forgive you easily and move on.

Many friends come in life, but few will stay with you forever. They are not just friends but also as a family member. The best friend may be around for a few years, but, a true friend will be with you, forever.

Author Notes: I hope you enjoyed this one! Please write something! A humble request to you all.

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16 Sep, 2020
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