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The Indian Festival: Diwali
The Indian Festival: Diwali

The Indian Festival: Diwali

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Before Diwali, all the people of India, start cleaning their homes very neatly. This is done as they belief that they should welcome their dieties in a neat and clean house at Diwali. Most of the Hindus belief in Lordess Lakshmi (God of Wealth) and Lord Ganesha (God of Success). Diwali is also known as the Festival of Lights. This year, it is on 14 November.

After cleaning, Indians buy gold or silver coins with the picture of Lord Lakshmi and Ganesha to do puja at diwali. Other than this, they buy diyas, colours for making rangolis, new clothes and lights. In gifts, people buys Indian sweets and different things for decoration. The decoration is mostly done with flowers and leaves. Nowadays, it is also done with artificial things.

When diwali comes, it looks soo beautiful. The lights, the diyas and the rangolis... that is so beautiful. The puja happens in the evening. So in the morning, the women makes the dinner and the sweet. Usually, in sweet it is kheer or laddoos. While, the children and the men decorate the house with diyas and lights. In the evening, the rangoli is made and the lights are switched on. Then, slowly the diyas are lit up with the candle.

Around 7 or 8, the puja starts. The gods are kept in the mandir (where the god's idol is kept and worshiped) and worshiped. A garland is given and the kheer of laddoo is served/ kept in front of the god for the night. Then, the dinner is consumed.

In the morning, that sweet is distributed amongst the family as a gift from the god and everyone eats it.

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