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Our Spring Vacation Part 1
Our Spring Vacation Part 1

Our Spring Vacation Part 1


6th March 2017

I have been in college for the past six hours but these last two minutes are very arduous. I am desperately waiting for college to end so that I can hang out around with my three best friends.

Spring festival is beginning, tomorrow and we have a one week vacation. I am so thrilled to explore the city with my friends. I have been in San Francisco for nine months and, my experience here is staggering. I am enamoured with the city.

"Listen, everyone, we have two minutes left before we leave this class. Before that, I want all of you to write an essay for homework on the topic 'How fake news can change our political and social life?'" Mrs Lynn said, ignoring the groans and the annoying faces of the students.

"I will ask you to hand it to me after the break. So, you better complete it," Mrs Lynn continued, looking straight to the bunch of students who often forget to complete their work.

Mrs Lynn was scrupulous yet an accommodating teacher. She is a short woman with long blonde hair. Her hazel eyes are always behind her spectacles which she often matches with her knee length skirt. She is our Legal Studies teacher and likes to teach through essays and projects.

The moment she finished her sentence, the bell rang. I had a relieve. Now I can have fun! Everyone immediately stood up and started leaving the classroom. Mrs Lynn didn't stop them (as she habitually does) instead, smiled at them.

"Hey Emmy, I am glad that Spring Fall is starting... we have so much to do! Come on! I am so excited." a well-known voice spoke from the back, while I was gathering my stuff.

The voice was of Natalie Moore. She is one of my best friends. We call her Tilly. She is a tall, slim girl with long blonde hair, neatly tied with a black rubber band. Her black eyes were glittering with happiness and joy. She was wearing a sleeveless olive green top and ripped black jeans. Her black boots were looking dynamic and matching with her outfit. Her black earings were twirling around while she was speaking, which diverts me.

Her nature of being friendly and trustworthy makes her one of my best friends.

"Ya... I am so excited too! One thing which is bothering me is this essay," I said as I stared at the topic, neatly written in cursive handwriting in my notebook, "I have no clue about this! I guess this one will be challenging."

"Oh... chill, dude. We'll figure out something! Don't worry." she said, casually.

We both giggled and stepped out of the room and went straight to our lockers. When we reached, we found that the hall was jam-packed. Everyone was about to leave. We promptly stuffed our books in our bags, neatly, and went straight to the parking lot, behind the building.

"Any ideas about writing this thing?" I asked, again as we were walking.

Mrs Lynn expects us to write 1000 words if she ever says an essay. One thing which scared me is that her expectations are very high. I want to fascinate her this time.

"Not now! I am sure that I will have after I complete my shift. Can we do this work together?" Tilly asked me.

"Which shift are you talking about?" I asked her, ignoring the part of working together.

"The one I have at Sally's, two streets away," she explained.

"Oh.... now I got it!" I exclaimed though I don't remember which cafe is she talking about.

We got to our car and saw Gregory and Marcus leaning on our black Hyundai Accent. They are early, again.

I know Greg since high school and, we have the same interests (almost). So, our parents decided to send us to the same college, as we were really close friends.

"You girls take a lot of time! Where were you?" Greg asked us as he jumped into the car, the moment Tilly unlocked it.

"Firstly, stop jumping into the car. If it breaks then, you will get it to repair from your money." I warned him, in a harsh voice.

"We were coming. It's been ten minutes, only. By the way, what time did you guys reached?" Tilly explained to them.

"We don't waste-" Marcus was about to say but, I interrupted him "Oh my god! What have you stuffed inside your bag, Mark! It is so heavy."

He opened the side door and took his brown bag from the trunk and started doing bicep curls as if it is a dumbbell.

"Really, Emmy! It is super light. Are you eating food or your arms are getting fragile? I think you should start going gym. Greg always has a shift there. You can accompany him." he teased and laughed at me and then, put his heavy bag back into the trunk.

We both went inside the car. Tilly was driving today as it was her turn to drive. It was a 20-minute drive from the college to our home.

"So, does anybody has any plans to spend our vacation?" Greg shouted as the music was quite loud.

He voice was so stentorian that I had to reduce the volume of the music.

"I am thinking about going to the countryside or the beach to relax our bodies and mind," Mark suggested.

"Oh my god, Marcus wants to relax!" Tilly teased him, "Instead of wasting our fuel, you should book a massage for yourself at home." I added.

Greg, Tilly and I laughed uproariously. Teasing Mark on his own words was super fun!

"Shut up, you guys! Just think about it!" he said.

"Nah! I don't want to relax. Let's party! I got to know from Tracy that there is a new pub opened, just three streets away." Tilly said as she was honking continuously.

She often gets irritated when a person drives deliberately.

"You mean the pub opened on the Dickgate Road?" Mark asked.

"Yah!" I answered.

Soon, in no time we arrived at home. The black fence which surrounds the house was looking very modern. In the centre of the area stood our apartment.

"Okay, guys... whose turn is it today to make lunch?" I asked.

Nobody answered. There was silence except the keychain ringing while I was opening the door. I could feel from the silence that it was my turn to make lunch. Oh no!

As I opened the door, I announced "I guess it my turn."

They slowly turned to me and nodded slowly with a big smile, just like a ghost smiles. Tilly and I went upstairs to change our clothes. The boys live downstairs and, we girls live upstairs. We live like brothers and sisters and recently bought our independent four-bedroom home and a car. Before that, we lived in the hostel inside the college campus.

When I reached in my room, I quickly placed my bag on the blue cushioned chair and went to change my clothes. I washed my face and got refreshed. I was still worried about my essay and couldn't take my mind out of my head. Then, for lunch, I was thinking to make pasta but then I realised while wearing my clothes that we already finished it three days ago.

I quickly went into the kitchen. I was starving and was very lazy to cook anything. When I opened the fridge, I saw the meat kept in. I just knew what should I make. I decided to make a roll or a wrap.

I chopped some vegetables and made the meatballs and cooked them. After that, I placed all the things on the wrap base and poured some sauce on top of it. Soon, I made the lunch and kept it on the dining table.

The moment I placed the plates on the table, Greg and Mark heard the sound and came out of their room for lunch and sat on their chairs.

"Mmmm.... this looks delicious!" Greg exclaimed and took a huge bite.

"Hey, where is Tilly?" Mark asked.

"Dunno. Maybe putting on some makeup to look pretty." Greg teased and started acting like he is putting on lipstick.

We all laughed loudly. Then I shouted and called Tilly.

"Natalie! Come and have your roll before these two eat it."

In a moment she came running downstairs. She changed her clothes and made a bun on top of her head. I saw her apron in her hand.

"Don't you dare touch my roll," she warned them, " or I'll kill you guys!"

They both laughed and gave a high five to each other. I was just smiling and having fun. Tilly quickly put her apron, wallet and her bicycle keys in a small purple bag and hurryingly came and sat on her chair right in front of me.

"Mmm... this is so tasty! Wow! Emily, you make the best food!" Tilly exclaimed.

"Thanks... I couldn't imagine that I made it in like twenty minutes." I replied and took my last bite.

After having a heavy lunch, Tilly went for her shift at Sally's. She wouldn't be back before seven in the evening. Greg, on the other hand, was going to the gym. He also had a part-time job as a gym trainer. Though he teaches less and does more. His shift would complete around 8- 8:30.

Mine and Mark's was from four in the evening so, we both had some time. After putting all the plates in the dishwasher, I went to check in with Marcus.

I peeped into his room. Gosh! His room was very rumpled. His clothes were all over, and things were lying here and there. We had the same size of the room but, his looked more stuffy and small.

"Hey! What are you doing?" I asked him.

"Um... nothing just trying to figure out something for the essay." He turned around his chair and looked straight and me.

"Even I am going to do that! Honestly, I have no clue, till now." I said and was about to leave when Mark suggested "maybe we can do it together."

"I don't think that is a good idea! You know that Mrs Lee will get know if we have copied from anywhere." I said to him.

He agreed and went back to work. I filled a bottle of water and went into my room. After placing my notebook, pen and laptop on my table, I got started with my work. I decided to take some points from Google. Just to get some idea about writing it.

When I searched, I found a few good points to write. Now, I just need to extend and elaborate it. I didn't realise that it was already 3:40.

It happened when I suddenly gazed up the beautiful black and white Victorian clock placed on the wall above my table. Oh no! I am going to be late. I hurriedly took my sling bag and grabbed my phone. I didn't realise that my book and laptop were opened.

I run downstairs and quickly went into Mark's room, again.

"Hey, I am leaving. I am already late. Don't forget to lock the door and eat your vitamins, before leaving for your shift at the market." I said and, didn't wait for his reply.

I quickly opened the door and slammed it. I was running in the street. Many people were looking at me, but I didn't have the time to get embarrassed. I ignore them and quickly went to the store.

For now, I had a part-time job in a library. It isn't any library, it is the San Library. It is one of the largest and most famous libraries. For this job, I owe Mark. He got me this job when I came to San Francisco to study. Since then, we are kinda best friends.

I opened the door and slowly went straight to the desk. There was extreme silence. Carla was waiting for me and the desk table.

"You're late!" She whispered. Although she was whispering, I could feel angry in her voice.

Carla was a middle-aged woman with few wrinkles in her left eye and, partially grey hair. She is a sweet lady but very particular about time. We both manage the front desk where people borrow books from. She takes the morning shift and, in the evening, I work till eight in the night.

"Not exactly late." I said as looked into my black watch on my left wrist, "it's still 3:57."

She gave me a dull look and smiled with embarrassment.

Without saying anything, she walked away and, I quickly placed my bag and sat on the seat. I was only free for a few minutes. I had to message many people for returning their book as it was Spring break and the library needs all the books back.

Around 7, only a few numbers of people were left in the library. It was looking odd that in such a library, there were only nine or ten people.

Around 8, when everyone left the library, I decided to meet Mr Steven. He was the manager of the library. His office was on the first floor, so I just took the stairs to meet him.

When I reached his office, his assistant was locking the door and, he was leaving.

"Mr Steven," I asked him, " do you have some time so that I could talk to you?"

"Yes, Ms Brown. Tell me." He said, sweetly and we decided to walk to the elevator while talking.

"Um... I was thinking if you could give me a vacation from Monday to Saturday for Spring." I asked, without any hesitation.

"Spring break. Ya... you all must have got a holiday from the college and talking about that, I got to know that you scored very well in your exam which went 3 weeks ago." He said.

"Ya... I got the highest at 99.9% but, it was like a pre-exam to prepare ourself for the final one." I said, " I wanted to spend time with my friends. They were eager to show me Washington so..." I decided to come back to the topic.

"Wow! Congratulations! You can take your holiday next week." He said, "all our employees get a one week holiday plus you deserve it too. You work hard!" He smiled and me, looking straight into my brown eyes.

I smiled home back and thanked him.

When our happy conversation got over, we realised that we were at the front main gate and Mr Steven's assistant was just behind us, listening and smiling at us.

Mr Steven was indeed a nice person. He is a friendly and kind person. He always has a smile on his face. I have never heard or seen him angry at any of our employees.

I quickly went and took my bag and phone and went outside the library. The moment I came out, the assistant locked the door. I saw that Mr Steven wasn't there. Maybe he left for home as it was getting late and I was hungry.

I walked back home. Suddenly, a message beeped on my phone. It was from Tilly.

Where r u? It's 8:30!!!

Relax! I'm coming back.... had a long talk with Mr Steven.

Ohk... Mr Steven? Who?

My boss!

R they firing you? What did you do?

Can't I do something good! BTW, I asked him for a week's holiday.

Okay, cool... BTW, where r u, right now?

Open the door. I am at the door.

I didn't wait for her and just ring the bell. Tilly showed up and, I came in, hanging my bag in the hook. I was super exhausted that I just jumped on a bean bag. Then, I saw in the kitchen behind me. Marcus and Gregory were making dinner.

"But, it was my turn to cook today," I said to them.

"We saw you super exhausted. We can do this much for our best friends, can't we?"

I stood up and went into the kitchen, " aww... you are the best." And I gave them a big hug.

"Remember, this isn't permanent. It was just today." They whispered together.

I punched on their arms and, we all gave a small laugh.

When I came back from my room, after changing into a t-shirt and pj's, the dinner was already ready. When I saw the plates, I just stood there for a second.

"Honestly, guys! Salad. If you wanted to help, you could have made something better." I said as I sat on the chair.

"It took us an hour to wash the cut the veggies and wash the lettuce." Greg teased and, in return, I gave him a dull look.

"Don't worry. We have bread and peanut butter, also." Tilly said and showed the jar of peanut butter.

"Do you have jelly?" Mark asked.

She came closer and whispered, "don't push it!"

I ate a large amount of salad and had half a slice of bread and peanut butter.

They didn't help me in cleaning cause it's the worse part. So, I had to clean the dishes with water and decorate them in the dishwasher.

After all the work was complete, we all sat together.

"Now I think we should better decide how are we going to spend our vacations?" I said as everyone was busy on their phones, and I wanted to talk.

I took a slip pad and, a black pen kept on the wooden coffee table next to me.

"Seriously?!" said Marcus and was giving me a dull look.

"What?! It's just for the ideas and stuff." I answered his dull face.

"Okay.... so... I want to just relax with you guys and please," Mark started giving his suggestion "No spa or massage!" He said particularly looking at Tilly.

She wasn't laughing from the outside but, I could feel that she was laughing loudly, inside.

As he was telling his suggestion, I wrote it down, neatly.

Mark- Relaxing on the beach!

"My turn," Greg said the moment I finished my sentence, "I want to go somewhere.... like out of the US or something..."

"I wanna party!" Natalie said, eyeing straight at Marcus.

Tilly- Party!

"What do you want to do?" Greg asked me.

"Um... I am fine with all the ideas." I lied back to them.

Actually, I wasn't. They weren't even thinking about me. It's been a year and, I have barely seen San Francisco and the places around here. My life here is just college, library and home. I just want to relax and have fun in the vacations. I was expecting that they would like to show me around, but they are interested in their own routine. I have seen Tilly going to parties. Mark has visited the beach like ten times and Greg! Travelling! Come on, man! I have just travelled from Canada and came to San Francisco and he is talking about travelling again. Why can't we just settle down and not always travel around? I mean I love travelling around but, I have just come here and want to explore more of America.

"What's wrong? You seem to be angry..." Mark asked me.

I suddenly came back into the real world. Tilly, Greg and Mark were staring straight at me.

"No... I was just thinking about something. So... now you all have different choices, what do we do?" I answered and decided to change that topic.

There was silence in the room. Everyone was thinking about it. Then suddenly I got a glorious idea!

"Maybe we can combine it all!" I said and, started writing something.

They all came closer to me and started peeping in. They just stared until I finished my idea.

"Wow, Emily! You have beautiful cursive handwriting!" Mark commented.

"Thanks!" I replied back.

"So... I was thinking that we can plan these things one after the other. See... one night we can go to the pub and have fun," I started explaining them and could see a big smile and excitement on Tilly's face, "then... the next day we can go to the beach to relax and play beachball." I added.

Tilly and Mark were so happy as if they have got an ice-cream after like a year or so. I was glad that they liked my idea.

"But what about travelling?" Greg asked sadly.

"About that... I have thought something. If you guys want to do all this thing then... we can go somewhere where there are pubs and beaches. Of course, it will be outside the US." I explained it to him.

Then, there was again silence. Although this time, we all had Google opened up. I typed Beaches near Washington.

"Oh, I got it!" Suddenly, Mark literally shouted out than I jumped up, "this is it! Let's go to Mexico."

The moment he announced everyone shut their phones and went closer to Mark.

"Wow! That's a great idea... I haven't been to Mexico, have you guys?" Greg asked.

Everyone's answer was no.

"Before starting with things... I guess we should actually plan things," I said and took my notebook and pen.

"Okay... we don't have that much time left so we should start working. Before that, I want all of us to work separately." I said, "I'll manage the hotels there. Tilly, you start searching for the best places to visit and of course a beach and a pub. Mark, you will book the tickets. Greg, you will-"

"Wait! What tickets are you talking about?" Marcus asked me.

"Um... hello! How will we reach there?" I asked him.

"Really?! Come on, Emmy! Become a little exciting! We'll go by sea... how's that, guys?" Mark replied.

"I don't know... if that's a good idea. We can fly and reach there fast. It will be more convenient too." I said.

"But it wouldn't be exciting!" All three said together.

There were continuously staring at me and showing their pleading eyes and sad faces that I had to agree with them. Honestly, they all were acting like babies.

"This time, I am trusting you, Marcus Martinez..." I said.

I stood up and went upstairs to get my laptop and the charger. When I went in, I saw my notebook and the points and just ignored and smiled at it.

When I came back, Greg asked me, "Hey, what about me?"

"Maybe you can help us, you know... jot things down and..." I said.

I just forgot that Greg didn't have any work and I had no clue what he can do.

"I get it! It's okay..." he said, "before leaving we'll need some suitcase so, I'll go and find it and other essentials."

After hours of research and discussions, we got all the things ready, except for the ship which Mark will book tomorrow. I was hoping that he will handle all the travelling stuff. My soul was telling me to go by plane but I couldn't listen to it because I have already agreed with them.

Author Notes: Tell me what you think.... I have started writing the second chapter. I'll soon upload that too...


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