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The Creations of This Color
The Creations of This Color

The Creations of This Color


The world was in war.

Fire, gunshots and explosions. The red and blue could never be in peace. The reds are to bright and giddy. Too confident. The blues were strong and quite. They were as different as can be and that stop anyone from being happy. And then there were two.

A blue and a red; their names William and Lily. They were different as could be, like all red and blues, and yet they loved each other. They could never get enough. They knew though, despite their love for each other they were not meant to be. If anyone found out, they would be killed.

"Will...Bent u wakker?" Lily asked, looking out the window at the moon.

Will...Are you awake?

"Ja. Lets waarmee ik kan helpen?" William respond with, turning around to face her back.

Yeah. What do you need help with?

"Gaan we sterven?"

Are we going to die?

"Uh, ja, ja, op een gegeven moment."

Uh, yeah, yeah at some point.

"Nee, ik bedoel dat we gedood worden?"

No, I mean, are we going to get killed

"...ja" William could not lie to her. He knew that it was the truth. He knew it was going to happen. What they were doing was forbidden. They were already being chased by the police.


"Will, I....we zullen worden gedood. Jij en ik weten het allebei. Maar ik wil dat het in onze eigen hand is als het gebeurt."

Will, I...we are going to get killed but I want it to be by our own hand(I'm sorry this translation is terrible)

"Ja...ja, hetzelfde." William sigh, rolling onto his back. "Maar dat zal niet gebeuren."

Yeah...yeah, same. But that won't happen.

They heard the banging of army men on the steps. They were coming for William and Lily.

"Will. I don't want to die." Lily began crying. It was a hard time for them.

"I know, Lily."

William pulled Lily into a tight embrace. He wouldn't let go. Dead or alive, he loved Lily.

"Otwórzmy się lub przyjedziemy tam z siłą" The red polish army was going to kill them.

Open the door or we will take it down by force!

William pulled Lily even closer; it felt like they were melting together.

"Otwórz te drzwi w 10 sekund, w przeciwnym razie zepsujemy je!"

Open this door in ten seconds or we will break it down

William didn't feel like himself anymore. He felt like Lily, but himself, but something entirely different. He feel he was becoming a whole new person.



William felt himself slipping. He said something, or he thinks he did. It didn't sound like a word. Or maybe it did.



He has forgotten his name. He doesn't know where he is, what he is, or what he's holding, but he knows he cares about it and pulls it closer.





We bust through the door, expecting to see the red traitor and a blue bastard. Instead, in the middle of the bed was an infant, cooing to itself. The Senate slowly walked over to the bed and picked the baby up. The baby, confused by what was happening, grabbed the old man's nose and laughed.

Everyone was confused and even more worried.

The child was purple.

Author Notes: Sorry about the different languages and all. This is something I had a dream about , so now its a story. It is actually really bad now that I read it over. It's kind of rushed but I don't care. This dream was awesome.

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About This Story
28 Sep, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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