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The Creature

The Creature

By elderstone

Ok, so this is what I saw. I dont have much time to explain what I saw before it gets me. I'm not going to tell you what IT is because I dont know, I just have no idea of what it is. But what I can do is tell you what it looks like. It is a skinny creature with no legs just stub sort of things and long creepy arms that drag it's skinny body, and it's head is a Pitch black face with hollow eyes with really bony features so bony that his cheek bones pretrude andd his mouth..... his mouth its a wide mouth that outstretches to either side of his face with sharp teeth. Now that you have a picture of what this THING looks like i can tell you what happened. so it was just a normal day got home from work then went over to my friend Nathan's house to hang out. (he also has a Short Stories account His name is Rukasu.) Then when I walked home I saw it it was starring at me in the woods then it started to chase me! it was going so fast considering that it has no legs and chased me all the way home and i was running so hard that i almost passed out when I got home I locked my door and ran to my room and started watching some t.v trying to get that horrible sight out of my head. So then i got tired and just went to bed....... or at least tried to i just could'nt stop thinking of that creature. But eventually i fell asleep. But not for long because I could'nt breath and when i opened my eyes i saw that THING on top of me with his mouth wide open. it scared me so I froze be i soon relized that .

um hi it's me Nathan and i dont know what happend to Anthony but there is a big pool of blood on the floor and it looks like someone draged him acrossed the room and im scared that something happened to him. so i dicided to finish this story for him and publish it for Anthony because i know he'll like that

Author Notes: please help find Anthony.

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10 Apr, 2013
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1 min
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