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The Curb

The Curb

By Sleepless

With his last strength he sits at the curb
And wipes the salt from his cheeks
They used to hear their friend
The memory, caught in the glass
Seemed so light, way too light
Do you refuse to come here?
And there is nothing, she was still touched
The memory in the glass, freezes
The tired head drops to the curb
They used to understand me
Can not sleep without medicine
When thoughts rouse storms again
And the darkness comes over me
Can not not sleep without you
The eyes are pulsing far to the heart
Lost thoughts lost in you
Inside you my ships capsize
The euphoria is in me
In you I have died and reborn
I am safe and yet lost
In me the grief sinks eternally deep
After the night
The fear goes away
Distract doubt his prayer
Get used to breaking consciousness
All the scars ripped open again
The tired head drops to the curb
The old words rekindled
The temptation is slowly getting long
Since the flight back seems so easy

Author Notes: "Feedback are Welcome"

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9 Jan, 2018
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<1 min
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