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The Curious Affair of The Palvine Residence: Part Seven

The Curious Affair of The Palvine Residence: Part Seven

By Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik

“You can’t leave now. It’s dark outside and it’s pouring with rain. At least stay here until the morning.” He whispered as he stood up from the stool “But I must find Rita!” I gasped “we have no evidence, but I can at least confront her! Get her to drop the charges on you, then you’d be free. You could be happy Sylvester! Not alone anymore!” “All that can wait until morning. You are here and you are the first human face I have seen in about four years. At least stay the night.” His eyes seemed to twinkle as he spoke and I realized that while I may never be able to clear his name, I could keep him company. He walked towards me slowly, as if scared he’d frighten me. “Well I wouldn’t be being a very gentlemanly host if I didn’t offer you a seat and a drink.” He directed me to a scarlet velveteen arm chair by the lit fire and I perched upon it gently and swiveled to face him as he walked to a small dusty drinks cabinet with oaken embossed swirling patterns and poured us two large glasses of what looked like golden rich brandy. I noticed Sylvester was a tall man with broad shoulders and large arms as he walked towards me with the glasses. Pulling up his piano stool, he sat beside me, folding his legs.

“My dear, I hope you like brandy... I have a few other drinks in the cabinet for later...” he whispered as he passed me the glass “I’ve never had brandy before” I murmured softly as I looked into his eyes, which, despite the darkness, shone clearly. “It’s a good drink to start a long night with if it’s a night you intend to remember... Florence told me that when I was your age...” he took a sip from his own glass “but enough about her... I want to know about your love life...” “well...” he looked keenly at me “there isn’t much to say... I’ve always been scared by all this ‘doing it’ because I think it must be so much nicer to make love, if there is such a thing, it’d be far more intimate and loving” I said rather shyly “so you’ve never tried it?” I shook my head permissively “Well, I suppose you’re curious in different ways than I was at 16, I wanted to make love and play music every minute, simultaneously if I could, but you go around looking for rough pumpkins” I saw a strange smile creep over his face as he laughed at his words. We continued to talk like this for some time on topics such as his music and his anecdotes on love making and he poured many more drinks until he noticed the time. My mind grew weaker as I drank, and strange thoughts swam into my head. Perhaps he was an angel. An angel of Music. This place was his heaven. And I’m an unworthy earthly winner of his affection. As he noticed the time, he suggested we get some sleep and took an old white night dress out of a wooden trunk for me to sleep in. “Where should I change into this?” I asked “where every you want. I have never been one for shyness.”

Before I knew it, Sylvester was undoing his coppery belt buckle and pulling his white shirt over his to reveal ripping muscles and huge defined shoulders. “Sylvester, what are we doing?” I gasped as I stared at him in my night dress “I was hoping to share with you the benefit of my experience, it has been years but I doubt my skill has deteriorated.” He whispered softly “as I said, I was quite the lover in my day” he finished looking my directly in the eyes “But doesn’t it bother you that I’m a virgin?” I questioned “Of course not, virginity is simply a societal construct, build only to stop us from engaging in passion” he smiled at me softly as he stepped slowly towards me, I blushed as he reached out and gently ran his soft hand over my cheek and whispered to me that I had ‘a virgin’s blush’ to which I replied that he had a soft loving innocence about him. He permissively leaned his head forward towards me. I leaned into him. Our ruby lips met in a pure moment of lust and lust and passion and simple, harmless curiosity. And it was heaven. Everything I’d ever wanted. It seemed to wipe my guilt and worries and fears away until there was mothing but him. Only him.

As he broke away, he slipped his hand up my milky white thigh and trailed up. Our eyes met once more as he suddenly stopped and brushed his head into my dark hair “My dear, are you sure this is what you want?” he whispered as his soft words slithered into my ear and calmed all my thoughts. Sylvester had the sort of voice you only hear once in your life; pure, true and hopelessly passionate. “Of course, Sylvester, this is perfect and it may be wrong what I’ve just met you but in trying to discover your history for so long I almost feel as if I’ve known you all my life. But please take it slowly with me… I’ve heard it hurts…” I finished looking away from him, hoping he didn’t think I was a child “I’ve been told it hurts… but I hope to subside the pain with pure passion, please tell me if the pain is too much for you, my dear” he finished and I felt he was true and sincere in his words. I smiled at him as he looked me up and down “the dress undoes from the back…” I whispered. He turned my around slowly so I faced the glowing hearth. Gently he began to undo the zip on my black dress and allowed it to flutter to the floor and began to kiss and caress my neck as he placed his other had on my hip. Before I knew it, I was undoing the fastenings on his trousers slowly and he’d lead our naked forms to the black thick animal skin rug by the fire and we’d allowed a passionate embrace to lead us to making love. For the first time.

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About The Author
Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik
About This Story
15 May, 2019
Read Time
5 mins
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