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The Dark Alley
The Dark Alley

The Dark Alley

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I was walking alone in a dark, quiet and uninhabited alley when I felt someone is watching me.

I went to a halt when I found a man just a few steps from me, staring at me with dark eyes, indicating that he plan on doing something not good, and his gaze was thorough and hungry as if he was looking through my soul. Seconds on, his mouth formed a grin and was soughing a, "wit-wew."

Terrified of what might happen, I forced my knees to run towards home as fast as I can.
I found myself walking on the same dark alley, again. I gripped my bag tightly, my knuckles turning white as I looked around, fearing that I would stumble upon the man who was considerably rude and deviant yesternight.

I let out a gasp and staggered backwards. It's the man last night!

Its forehead furrowed, and the next thing he said was the reason why I froze in my position and my heart was throbbing and beating rapidly as if it’s participating on a racing competition.

"Where was that sexy girl with you last night?"

Perhaps she was the one reported the other day to be a prostiitute who was found dead after being raped in this dark alley.

⁠— a flash fiction written by Daphne Writes.

Author Notes: oof⁠— i do not know if my manual translation was good. the medium of this piece was originally written on filipino, but i decided to make an english translation for i will publish it here. the photo that has been used isn't mine.

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About This Story
26 Oct, 2021
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1 min
5.0 (1 review)

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