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The Dark Carousel
The Dark Carousel

The Dark Carousel


The Dark Carousel

In the night soft winds blow an utter dream as rain showers soak an everlasting night.
She laid there, silent in a house that was not her own. Windows are shattered and time stood still. Drinking away her sorrows, tomorrow is just another day in a life of burdens. In her dream state, She found herself. Feeling out the stresses, pain, and tears.

Given into a world that has taken so much. Listening to rain puddles and the sounds of the night. Her loneliness set in, As tears rolled down her cheeks.
She found comfort in her own touch. Feeling and moving groping her sorrows. She turned over and took a sip of beer and with a flicker of a lighter lit a cigarette. The smells of desires and nicotine filled the airwaves.

She stood up, walked slowly towards the window seal and dumped the ash out the window. It was Monday morning at about 2:33 am from the green glow of her Hello Kitty watch she purchased from the Thrift Store earlier the day before.
A small town in a world drifting into madness. She flicks the cigarette out the window.

All she could think of was past relationship and family.
A picture of her kid from a recent divorce laying next to her backpack on the cracked wooden floor. Picking it up, she smiled and tears started to fall.
Unzipping her backpack she pulls out a pill bottle and takes two with a small edible treat. She cried a bit more and lit another cigarette.

Almost unnoticeable the effects of the narcotic drugs started to take their effect on her reality. The room begins to twist and bend. Demons started to enter the room. She screamed, "No not again, I'll be a good girl this time!". She picked up the bottle and tossed it. It shattered across the room. Demonic voices can be heard: "Caaarrrlaa...", She lay there on the floor stiff.

The Demonic shadow grabbed her wrist and held her down. She took her hand and touched her self and saw blood, not knowing she was laying in the glass. At the sight of her own blood, she passed out.

When she woke up, she lay there in a hospital with third-degree burns to her leg.

"Ma'am?, Ma'am? Do you know where you are?" said a doctor. She didn't respond to the question looking around the room.
"You're in Grounds worth Hospital, you've been in an accident."
" You where in an abandoned home that caught fire, from the road a passer-by notice the smoke and dialed 911"
"You also sustained multiple injuries including cuts to lower back and vagina area and third-degree burn to your left leg." "Do you recall any of the events that lead up to this?" "Was there is someone with you?" "Yes', He's always there," she replied. "He who?" the doctor said. "Who else, The devil on the dark carousel."

The End

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29 Jan, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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