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The Dark Night Part 2

The Dark Night Part 2

By sweetmoon

Sunshine looked at me as if she knew me already with her sweet smile. I kept walking toward the office lady, ignoring the fact that sunshine was next to me. I wanted to look at her and smile back but soon i was already leaving the room. My heart beated even faster as to think that my dream might come true. Soon she was walking along behind me, i was able to hear her steps coming from behind. Why didn't i look?. The teacher had ask me why it took me so long just to a get a piece of paper when I suddently realize Sunshine was standing by the door. Every since eye of everyone in class was on her. Eyes who kept looking at her beauty.

My breath felt cold and I could see the ice coming from my mouth as I speak with my friends. They are somehow thinking what i was doing and what I was looking at. Was i suppost to save sunshine from her own death or was I suppost to protect my self?.Days pass by and she never said a word to me, neither did I.

One hot May morning i was stading outside my apartment smoking. My eyes staring at the grass, which was green and wet. A figure walk by the sidewalk, I was able to see her shadow. "Hey, Its is nice to meet you neighbor" my eyes could not believe that, the shadow i was staring at was sunshine. I ignore her words and kept smoking. "You know that is bad for you Melody". She knew my name, a girl who ignore me all college year, knew what my name was. I told my self not to become friends with her cause maybe one day she would be in danger and i would not be able to save her life, maybe not even mine. "Just get out of here kid", my words as cold as I could speak. I wanted to sound mean, i wanted her to hate me...(to be continue)

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11 May, 2011
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1 min
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