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The dark night

The dark night

By sweetmoon

A glance into the future revealing all the pain I once had in a sad point of my life. Long black hair that touch the ground, small asian eyes staring at me, and a smile that show blood coming from her mouth. She was standing next to me as my pain was gettting bigger from the gun shot. I wanted to protected her from all suffering and pain but I fail. I promise not to close my eyes and die till I knew she was safe.

A man far from beauty toke her away from me. I did not see his face, neither could i hear his voice even if I had tried. The only thing was trying to keep my self from dying, I knew i had to save her. Why didn't I move? she was calling my name, yelling for my help. My breath was cutting, my hand and body felt heavy. A promise, a promise of protecting her.

The next day I woke up from my dream. It was all a dream. I never once before met that girl in my dream, but once again. It was not real. All a fake dream that many people have. 8:12 am, time to go to school and enjoy life. Soon as i got dress i realize my apartment was all a mess, but that was collge students usually do. I got to class around 9:45am. I was late again so I had to go to the office for a late paper. As i enter the office, their she was. Long black hair touching the ground and her small eyes. A student. she was a new student in my school. Sunshine, that was her name......(to be continue) :)

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10 May, 2011

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