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The Date
The Date

The Date

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It was a cold Autumn night. The birds slept peacefully in the golden-brown leaves. I heard the crinkling of leaves as I walked up. The cold bitter wind pierced through my clothes as tears escaped my eyes. I struggled to keep my balance as flashbacks popped into view. The date. The walk. The car. The more I thought the harder I could go on. She was everything, but now nothing. She was my other half, but now broken. She was the sun to a dark world. The heat to a cold room. How could something so important go out so fast? Tears were now streaming down my face as I struggled to keep my balance. It was only a few feet away. I stopped. I lifted a picture to my face. It showed me and her that same day. I smiled. At least she wouldn’t be alone. I took a deep breath, knowing it would be my last, and jumped.

Author Notes: Im sorry if its too short, I just wrote this real quick for fun.

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1 Feb, 2019
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