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The day after I died
The day after I died

The day after I died

Moe13Morgan Garst

I had been feeling ill that night an Iayed myself down to sleep. I had been rejected from my crush that day so I was feeling bitter and didn't want to talk to anyone. I made sure to ignore my parents for the night. My hear and stomach hurt like hell. I went to sleep, closed my eyes and never woke up again.

I had known I was dead. I felt my spirit leave my body. I looked at myself laying there, I looked so peaceful. I that I would go up until I reached heaven. I went up and up. Past the clouds and nothing but dark sky and stars were past them. I heard a voice and knew it was God.
"You are not done down on Earth, go back. See what has happened."

I did as he said. I went back to my room and stared at my body. I looked so lifeless, so sad. I saw that the time was 5:30 A.M. I saw my mom come into my room. She smiled at my sleeping body and touched her hand to my colorless face. Her smile soon faded. She felt the coldness of my flesh and began to shake my body.

"Morgan? No, wake up! Wake up!" She repeated over and over again. Tears began to stream down her face. I went by her side.

"Mom, I'm right here. Mom! Listen to me!" I shouted. Her eyes were glued to my dead pale face. I look at the door and see my dad walk in. He fell to his knees and held on to my mother so tightly I thought she would pop in his grasp. He took out his phone and called 9-1-1. I watched him leave the room. I followed him into the room next door. He shook my sister awake and whispered in her ear, "She's dead."

"Who's dead?" She replied with a yawn.

"Morgan...." he said with a low and shaky voice. She sat up and looked him in the eye. She swung herself off the bed to my room. She soon joined my mother on the ground, and so did my father. They all cried and prayed until the police showed up.
They took my body away and said that they would go and tell the school what had happened to me. My parents called and took the day off to mourn and be with each other. They sat down and began to watch baby videos of me. I decided to go with the police to the school. It was at that time, 7:30. My school started at 8.

We got to the school shortly after. They told the front desk to tell everyone to come to the front office. Within five minutes, all the teachers, security guards, and lunch ladies were packed in the room. I see my favorite teachers. They look so happy. I wasn't ready to see what was going to happen to their expression when they were told I was dead. But the police didn't tell them. They said they would be traveling around at different times today to make an important announcement. There was not a real schedule to it. Ms. Fromm didn't like the sound of that. I giggled to my self. They all fled the front office and the police spoke to the principal.

I started to see my friends coming into the building. I listened in on their conversation. They all asked if they had seen me that morning. I felt loved. I continued to listen to their stories and watch them do their late homework. The first bell rang and the stairwells were crowded with the snap of a finger I headed to my first-period class. I sat at my desk and watched the happy faces of people as they marched into the class, unprepared for what they were going to hear.

The bell rang and everyone stood up for the pledge of allegiance. I stood up like I always did when I was alive. We all sat down and the police officers came into the class. Ms.Almedia got everyone quiet quicker than usual.

"Good morning ladies and Gentlemen. I'm afraid we have some not good news for you." Everyone looked around a little nervously. "If you have noticed, Ms.Garst is not here today." Everyone looked at me, but all they could see was an empty chair. "Well, Morgan, she passed away earlier this morning. We have confirmed that she was sick and had died in her sleep."

I saw my best friends, Madi, Leo, the two Maya's beak. I would see their hearts being shattered everyone in the room began to cry. Even Ms. Almedia had to sit down and she hid her face in her hands. She decided that we would use that day to remember me. I had never wanted to be alive so badly.

I followed them for the rest of the day. It happened like that in almost all of my classes. The worst was probably choir. Ms.Fromm stopped her lesson went to her desk and just stared into the distance, every one cried and talked about stories.

The rest of the day was gloomier. There was little to no learning and lots of tears. I went back to my house to see my family still watching family videos and telling funny memories that they could remember.
I went to my room and looked at the bed I had died in. I closed my eyes and when I opened then again, I was in the morgue.

I stared at the girl laying on the table. I told her about her family and about her friends and about her school. I told her that her crush was sad that she was gone. I told her how much she was loved. I screamed at her to wake up and go home to her family, and to hug them as tight as she could. I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye. I didn't even say a last "I love you." I fall to my knees next to my body and I let all the sadness built up inside of me out.

When I looked up again I was a light. I knew this was a chance for me to escape this pain I was feeling. I didn't have another choice. So I went to it.

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Morgan Garst
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16 Sep, 2018
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5 mins
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