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The Day I Died

The Day I Died

By Xx_Sweet_Dreams_xX

Run. Don't stop. Keep running. Was all that I could think as I flew through bushes and trees, nearly running straight into a branch that would've impaled me had I not dodged it narrowly. The trees were tall and dense marking it nearly impossible for me to be tracked. The ground beneath my feet gave way under my hard steps and I felt the mud sink into my shoes. Don't ever stop. My voice chanted in my head. I felt a burst of adrenaline pulse through my body and I grunted when I hopped over a fallen tree trunk. My shallow breaths and the pounding of my heart echoed in my ears and I couldn't tell if there was something around me. Run. My legs weaved in and out of the underbrush like it was butter but I dare not get cocky. She'll find you if you stop! Keep running! My instincts screamed at me. I cried out and pushed myself to run faster. I didn't want to shift! 
My lungs started to burn and I felt my throat begin to bleed but I couldn't stop, I couldn't let her catch me. If she caught me I'd have to shift and she'd kill me. I don't want to die. "I don't want to die!" I screamed out to the air as I saw the lake to my right. I merged towards it and sprinted straight for it knowing damn well that what I was about to do was suicide. I screeched loudly as I came up close to the water and saw how shallow and deep it was. Perfect. With a strangled cry, I threw myself into the water and swam as far down as I could go before I opened my mouth and let the water flow into my lungs. 
Am I alive? Was what I was thinking. I couldn't feel anything, but I somehow knew I wasn't dead. What happened? Where am I? I felt a groan emerge from my throat and the sound startled me. It was hoarse and quiet almost as if I had been strangled. What happened to me? I slowly started to feel feeling coming back into what I thought was my legs and I tried to move them to no avail. Oh shit. So, I stopped trying to move.
Eventually, I felt the feelings creep up back into my arms and soon enough, I could twitch my fingers. It didn't feel like I had any broken bones, but I still had no idea what any of this was. Soon, I was moving my hands and I felt my toes. Good, I'm not chopped in half. I thought sarcastically. I slowly felt my eyes flutter and as soon as they opened, they were closed again. The light was too bright.
As soon as they adjusted slightly behind my eyelids, I opened them and looked straight into whiteness. Well, that's not smart. I sat up straight and groaned holding my head in my hands. I had a pounding headache suddenly and the memories of throwing myself into the lake came rushing back in a sudden flood. She's still after me. As soon as that processed, I immediately sobered up and gasped. I had to run! Against my better judgement, I hopped up onto my knees with a grunt and slowly stood up, only to hear a growl. 
I stopped moving suddenly and my eyes closed in defeat. She's here. I stood up fully straight swallowing the last of my dignity and I fought to look straight. My instincts screamed at me to start running again but I knew I didn't have a chance. She stood 20 feet in front of me staring at me with the coldest stare I've ever seen on an animal's face. 
The she wolf was pure white with golden flecks in her fur and bright yellow eyes that could see into your very soul. Her body was built just that of a she wolf but she had more muscle than most, hence her catching up to me. I assumed she had somehow pulled me out of the water, but I didn't dare say it. "So, here we are." I said as I looked directly into her eyes. She growled again and I rolled my eyes. "I don't want to die, just let me go and we won't have any problems." I said with more confidence than we both knew I had She merely snapped her jaws and barked at me. I had a feeling she was laughing at me. We both knew I couldn't take her in a fight. "I don't want to be you. Let me go." I said and anger leaked into my voice. She whimpered and bellied two feet forward. I snickered but didn't speak. She knew what I was thinking. 
My instincts had given up on yelling at me and the adrenaline slowly leaked from my bloodstream leaving me in my utterly defenseless normal human state. I was officially screwed. The she wolf stood up and walked five feet towards me but stopped when I felt a gasp emerge from my throat. The realization had just hit me that she was going to kill me and I was going to be just like her; living eternally, doing the work of Viva, and I would never have the chance to die and stay dead. Her eyes held the slightest bit of sympathy and regret and I had a feeling she knew what I was thinking...again. "Please," I whispered sinking to me knees. 
She walked towards me and I couldn't help but be entranced by her beauty and pureness. She was stunning and the sight brought tears to my eyes. She stopped six inches from me and inevitably a tear fell from my eye. I was too stunned to catch it. It fell numbly to her fuzzy paws and immediately absorbed into her fur. She whined and touched my forehead with her nose giving me some of her strength. She wasn't an evil creature, Shinu, but she was not one of my greatest friends. "Shinu," I whispered grasping her fur in my hand causing a low purring sound to emit from her muscular throat. "I'm not ready." I sobbed as more tears escaped from my eyes. My other hand came up to grasp her fur and soon enough both of my hands were in her neck and her paws over my shoulders comforting me. She let me sob freely and my snot matted her fur before she finally stepped back. I looked into her eyes once again and saw that they were indeed glowing with electricity. It was time. 
With a strangled cry, I nodded at the she wolf and she pounced on top of me. Her claws dug into my shoulders no doubt drawing blood but I knew she was doing it on purpose. "Make it quick, I beg of you, Shinu." My voice was weak and childish causing her to whimper but growl in response. She understood. 
And with that, she snarled and leaned forward latching her teeth into my throat and everything went black. 

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7 Oct, 2015
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