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The Day My HP Became A Chopping Board
The Day My HP Became A Chopping Board

The Day My HP Became A Chopping Board


It was not long ago when my HP
became a chopping board...
You see the internet as it was called
DIED, expired, perished with but...
a blank page greeting my vision.

Panic ensued smart phones became
like nokia's overnight used of all things
like talking and texting... TEXTING..
But where one moment faded,
Life became normal, people talked to
another, read books.. learnt...

Fake news was now a myth as everything
was real, TV radio, papers were growing
in popularity, paper was the new cool...
Books were selling, so many trees became
words again. Me I wasn't that fused..
I wrote on a note pad, not a Mac.. paper..

The internet died a while back, but humanity
got a little bit of its self back, the company of
others thrived. Friends where real, not some
status on a screen or board. I use my HP for
a chopping board now..
it's good for dicing onion you see...

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28 Jul, 2017
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