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By Shriverg19 - 1 Review

"What the hell?" i asked as i got up out of the darkness.

I was in my girlfiends basement. It was dark and spooky.

"Clare?" i yelled.

No answer.

I started up the stairs. Then i heard a thump in the kitchen.

I grabbed the door knob and felt the blood on it. It was my blood. I had cut myself on the leg with a knife in my hand. Then i remembered why i was in the basement.

Yesterday i was chased by a man with no bottom jaw. Then i ran in the basement fell down the stairs cut open my leg and past out.

Now the guy with half of a face if in my girlfriend, Clare's, house.

I grabbed the knife and ran in the kitchen.

He was there in the kitchen with an angry look. He came at me and i swung the knife. I sliced open his throat. Blood started dripping on the floor. Then i grabbed a wooden collapsable chair and smashed it over his skull. He fell on the ground and i started stomping on his skull. I crushed his skull in and started grabbing food from the floor. I grabbed a back pack and put my clothes and some food in it.

Then i heard the eplosion. I looked outside and saw the giant Semi crashed into the front yard. it had hit a tree and was now in flames.

I grabbed a baseball bat and went out the front door.

As i approached the truck i saw the man inside was already dead. he was lucky.

I walked into the road and saw what the disease had done to my world.

The infected filled the streets and roamed ruling the earth. i was the only man in sight. My girlfriend had went missing last night so i came to her house to investigate. she was gone. I tried to call her but the connection was dead.

As i walked down the road i saw wrecked cars and the infected everywhere. One of them approached me and i recognized it as Clare's next door nieghbor. She used to be a nice old lady but now she was just a dead old hag. her wrinkled skin was torn and battered. blood dripped from the corner of her lip. one of her eyes was missing. She had half of an arm. I started to cry and then i smashed her skull with the bat.

It was the end of the world. No one was left but me so far. It was time for the devil to release the fire of hell on the destroyed earth.

I passed a church. i went inside and found a dead preacher lying on the floor. he had a bible in one hand and the other hand was ripped away across the room. His long black robe showed that his legs had been ripped off. His cross necklace was still shining as bright as ever. His black skin was destroyed and beaten. I saw a pistol laying on the altar.

I grabbed it and shot the man dead. Now he could rest in peace.

I headed out the back and found myself in the woods. I walked through them and thought about what had happened in the past 24 hours.

I read my phone. It was three thirty.

I found a small house in the clearing and walked towards it.

Then a man came outside and aimed a shotgun at me. The sun blazed above us and he readied himself to fire.

"Wait don't shoot. i'm alive." i spoke.

He lowered the gun and came towards me.

"Good to see a face that isnt dead. My name is jack. nice to meet ya." he smiled.

"My name is cooper. The disease has taken over the whole planet. Im looking for my girlfriend." i explained.

"Well you wont find her here. Its just me and my dog Marty. You can stay here if you like. I can make us dinner in an hour or so." Jack offered.

"Yeah thanks. Its getting to late to be out anyway." i agreed.

I shook his hand and we went inside.

Chapter two

The next day Jack and i went hunting for Clare. He left his grey hound Marty at home.

We went to a highway and found a wrecked car.

"Wonder whose sorry self died her." Jack spoke.

"Lets see." i told him.

I opened the door and found a dead woman laying in the passengers seat. The rear view mirror was in her chest. Blood was on the floor.

"Its just some girl." i explained.

"Okay." he smiled and we started off back towards the city.

We found a park full of the dead. Jack started shooting them and i used my bat.

We were surrounded.

I grabbed a car door and pressed it against the attacking dead.

Then jack yelled.

"Look more people." he yelled.

I saw a group of two men fighting off the dead gradually making there way through the park our way.

One of them approached me.

"You okay. Were you bit. What the hell were you doing out here?" he asked.

"looking for my girlfriend. Im worried sick about her." i explained.

"Well she isnt here." he argued.

Then he and i ran to jack and the other man and we all started running.

"where are you guys staying?" the man asked.

"In the woods about a mile from here.' i explained.

"We cant leave here without my dog." Jack cried.

"Okay. Russel will take you back to your place and me and your friend here will go to my camp." the stranger explained.

As me and the ma ran we started talking.

"What is your name?" the man asked.

"Cooper." i explained.

"And this girl friend of yours?" he asked.

"Clare. she has blonde hair and shes about my age maybe a little younger." i explained.

He smiled.

"I'm Zane. Who was your pal back there." he asked

"That was my friend Jack. His dog is at his house." i explained.

"i gathered that much." Zane smirked.

we stayed quite until we got to his camp.

"By the way......" he started.

Then Clare ran out of a house.

"Oh my god." i spoke.

I hugged her and she started crying.

Then we went inside.

Russel and Jack arrived later that night. they had Marty alive.

Author Notes: Book two coming soon. cooper will be back.

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19 Apr, 2013
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