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The Death of Amy Rose

The Death of Amy Rose

By crazeybabii14

It was 1999, the wind was misty, the air was cold, the trees were blowing of a soft melody. I remember the feeling of the cold blade against my skin. The bloody water dripping from my pours.My vains began to swell up, my heart began to stop beating, my throat began to clog, and our love began to fade away at that very moment. My mouth began to slur, my tears began to dry up on my cheeks, the hole inside of me began to turn cold, my hole life began to drop. I knew that my life was fadeing away and slowly i have been too, leaving me behind in his presents.Foot steps was heard from the dripping of my blood, but a soft voice called out "Your life is over, Be prepared" A moment later in the echo of my heart, i hear ""Your day has come, everything you ever loved is drowning in your fear, your hearts is never to be refilled again" She replied "Who are you, what do you want?" "I am the grim reeper" "Leave me alone, GO AWAY" The footsteps has distance from my ears, but i lay here as i take my last breath apon this earth and i soon become short of breath
but to really understand what truly happened that for me to take you back to the day before my soul exited from my body!!!

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24 Mar, 2011
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1 min
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