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The deep relations with her father..........

The deep relations with her father..........

By yazz

Its a dark night, the wolves are howling and hunger crosses their minds.
Willow branches droop down in a clearing of mossy grass, a single star glistens above and all is quiet.....

But 20 miles away the city lightshineand the traffic is roaring. Back in the clearing a pantinng wolf wondersover to the still willow. As a young teenager peers through the willow branches, they stare in wonder into eachothers eyes. There is a dirt road near by, that shudders with the sound of an engine. The teenager named belle runs as fast as she possibly can, avoiding the wolf.
Belle's father gets out of the land rover that he spent a fortune on, and stalks quietly through the bracken to the clearing, to find no living thing........
Deep in the woods Belle stumbles over rocks and branches as she still runs, but soon slows to a walk and finnaly colapses. The wolf is not far behind, panting with his dark brown eye's focusing on Belle.
She dosen't notice the chocolate brown wolf, and drifts into a sleep, her worries drifting away.
Belle's father is stalking the shadows in the forest, and wonders how he should hurt his daughter......

Belle is sudenly awake she is heavily breathing and remembers her father is still out there, what had she done wrong???....
In the shadows her father hears a howl and runs out of the forest, and finaly to the dirt road again....
Belle jerls up as a wet toung licks her forehead she was gaizing at the moon, half giving up on getting away from her father. She stands up and strokes the wolf, she finds her way to the road and sees the land rover's lights shining on the road with the door wide open, then she sees her father closing the boot and walking into the forest again with an axe. Belle shudders, then feels a pain in her haid she reaches to her forehead and touches blood, how did she get this cut??? she must have fallen on something. She reaches into her pocket and reveals a purple lipstick, that she bought that morning. Belle smears it all over her lips and starts to run towards the land rover.

Her father was gone, she stumbled to the car door, she felt weak, the wolf stays in the forest. The keys were in the ignitin she started up the engine and put it into first gear, slamed the door and undid the break. Belle was so glad at that moment that her father tought her to drive, thats probably the only thing she liked about him. The land rover rolled forward aiming for the forest, she quickly turned the wheel and was on the way down the mountain overlooking the city. Belle's eye's widend as she saw her father jumped out of the forest and ran onto the road, Belle hesitated to break. Her fathers face covered in horror, he was holding an axe that had a smearb of blood on it. Belle still had to break no matter how much pain he had caused her. But she was to late, she pressed on the breaks a foot away from him bot the car didn't stop right away and it went right into him, his axedropped on the road as he flew bag and landed on the road like rag doll. One tear fell down her pail cheek and soon after a line of black eyeliner, she didn't think he was dead, she just never thought she could hurt him.

One minuit later she was still sitting still, her father had not moved, this didn't mean anything, she put the land rover into gear and lunged forward, and swirved around his still breathing body. Belle rustled around in the gluve box and found some sleek black sunglasses. Belle slipped them on and turned on the radio, Eminem was playin! she realy likes Eminem. Belle carried on driving as if everything was great and nothing was bothering her. As she flicked her dark hair around and thought about waht to wear the next day.

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About This Story
11 Oct, 2011
Read Time
3 mins
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