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The demon in the closet.

The demon in the closet.

By tomhanlon123

"I know you're there!" Jamelia said while giggerley walking over to the closet door, "I can hear you and I am not going to stop until i find you."
For the best part off two months Jamelia has been hearing noises in her house and she has been passing them off as her imagination. It was not until these noises started to speak to her that she started to panic.
"Come to me," they would say with a ghostley voice. Despite varies people telling her endessly that her house was haunted and that it needed an exorcism, she just believed she was being terrorised by teenagers with to much time on there hands.
As Jamelia slowley wrapped her hand around the closet door handel she soon regretted it. Who was in there? Would they hurt her? Without hesitating anymore than she already had done she pulled the handel down and tried to pull open the door. To Jamelia's suprise the door would not open,
"What, why wont it open. Its not locked?" She said while still pulling as hard as she could. Convinced someone is at the otherside of the door she lept over her bed and grabbed the bedside table phone.
"Help me please. Someone is in my house!"
While waiting for the police to come she kept under her bed while constantly looking at the door of the closet.
After a 10 minute wait the police came through the bedroom door.
"Miss?" the police said with confusion.
"In the closet" she said while pointing with her eyes.
The two police officers walked over to the closet door and opened it on there first attempt with ease. After Checking inside with there tourches and around the rest of the house they left.
Jamelia couldnt believe it. Was i going loppy? she asked herself. She understandably was refusing to go to bed, she was sitting in the living room with the same amount of lights on as blackpool illuminations.
Jamelia suddenly felt an urge to walk to the closet up stairs. No matter how hard she tried, which she did, she couldnt stop her legs from walking. Was she being possessed? She finally got to the closet door, walked in and shut it behind her. Jamelia snapped out of the thing that was posessing her and figured out where she was. She screamed with fear.
"Help me. Help me please!" she said while viggouresly pulling at the handel. To her amazement the door opened. For a moment she felt free and safe until she saw someone sitting on the bed.
The demon that has been haunting her from inside the closes had moved to her bed.
"Come to me," he repeated.
"Go away!" She cried while trying to open the window.
The demon came alot more angry, he rose from the bed and stormed towards her.
"Do not disobey me!"
Jamelia smashed the window with her thist and then tryed to leap out of it. As she was half way out the Demon dragged her back and through her against the oposite wall.
"You have disobeyed me twice. For which you will pay." He sat back down on the bed. "Now, come to me!"
Jamelia picked up a table lamp that was next to her and threw it by him. Once again, he rose of the bed and flew at her. His hands wrapped around her kneck and he twisted it resulting in her kneck being broken. Her lifeless body lay on the floor and he redrew back to the closet, awaiting for his next victom, shutting the door behind him.

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11 Sep, 2011
Read Time
3 mins
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