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The Desirable Idol.....

The Desirable Idol.....

By JimmyJim6666

The door that resided in front of me was not just a door of wood and metal, but a symbol. A beacon of hope infact that I, Tim Heeson, was finally after years of pain and hardship would meet my Idol. The person, the celeb, the goddess like angel, that after all this time would be my destiny.
Suddenly I could feel eyes upon me as the large beefy man standing next to the door eyed me up and down. He grunted a few words at me but I blanked him staring at the plain wooden door before me. My eyes flickering over the gold plate writing in the top half of the door. As I whispered the name that the letters made, it sent massive shivers down my spine, a warm fuzzy feeling building in stomach as I finally reliased I would be meeting her... my Idol.
'HEY!' the bloke next to the door shouted, finally waking me from my daze.
'Sorry' I said sarcastically.
My eyes reverted to him. Being taller than me I looked up at his ugly fat face and stared into his small piggy eyes. I felt a large smile spread across my face, looking at his large fat head reminded me of a pig, I couldn't help but giggle.
'You can go in now mate' the man grunted
'What? I said suddenly
'You can go in now' the bloke repeated.
'Oh ok...' I said drifting off, looking back at the door.
'This is it I whispered' to myself.
'What?' the fat bloke said, scratching his bald head in puzzlement.
Then it hit me, this was it. In a few moments I would meet her. With the thought swelling in my head, my heart began beating loud in my ears, large beads of sweat sliding down my back and a sudden sickly sensation building in my stomach. I tried inhaling deep breaths, as my vision started to blur....

The man sighed, 'weirdo' he said muttering to himself whilst turning to open the door. Then there came a sweet musical voice ringing from inside the room. My heart fluttered and the warm feeling came back as I heard it, but then it was gone. In the moment I didn't even register what it had said but I knew it could belong only to her. I longed to hear it again, I listened hard but could hear nothing except the fat mans hard breathing as he reached to open the door. I held my breath as his fat sausage fingers grasped the golden handle and with a quick clunk the door began to open inward. The fat bloke disappeared inside, beckoning me to follow him.
I stood rooted to the spot, my legs unresponsive whilst my mind was unable to comprehend the situation, then my nose was hit with a faint but very powerful aroma that nearly overpowered me dragging me down into a pleasant daze.
The pleasant smell was quickly replaced with stale body odor as I sensed the man standing before me. I opened my eyes, angrily frowning at the large man in the door way.
'Yes?’ I asked.
'so.......You coming in or....' he grunted sarcastically.
'Yea' I said quickly whilst glaring at him 'Of course, I am!'
The fat man grunted turning his back to me and moved into the room. I followed him, ever so slowly at first approaching the door, the symbol of the countless years of hope, my destiny. For all I knew I could have been in a dream, a pleasant dream, like the ones I have had so many times before.
The fat man turned to face me a few feet away as I passed through the door and finally took my first step into the room. Standing in the doorway I sighed nervously, my heart leathering in my ears and my breathing deep. I could have fainted if it weren't for my will power just to stay conscious. To take my mind off the matter I breathed deep through my nose hoping to calm myself down. Closing my eyes briefly, instead of the sweet smell, stale alcohol and cigarettes assaulted my nostrils, I choked opening my eyes and glaring at the fat man, he stood gazing back at me with a nasty grin on his chubby unshaven face. I shuddered as I glanced around the small room.
The large man blocked out most of the view but what I could see was the room was painted a deep purple and the walls covered in pictures of all sorts plus four trolleys straining with clothes of all nature.
'Leave us, Bob' said an innocent musical voice.
My heart leaped at the sound, the palms of my hands becoming sweaty. Bob turned around and looked at someone behind him I couldn't see.
'Ok' he grumbled.
He turned towards me and giving me one last look. He trundled off and out of the room closing the door behind him.
Before me, a small compact figure sat in a beautiful crafted chair, opposite a massive desk, complete with a large mirror. This desk dominated most of the far side wall, its thick oak legs straining under the weight of all the beauty products known to man.
But my attention was focused on the girl, the delicate women now leaning on the desk. Gently applying make-up to her perfect face. As I stared in the mirror I could barely breath, my heart smacking my rib cage like a drum and my hair now damp in sweat. This was it I told myself, the end if my trek, my destiny.
As I stared deep into the mirror at her faces perfect reflection she looked up at me, while applying lip stick to her juicy red lips. I froze, my eyes widening as her gaze tore into my well being, as a tear formed at the corner of my eye.
'My idol....' I breathed, pulling the knife from under my coat....

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About This Story
3 Apr, 2011
Read Time
5 mins
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