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The Devil's Chair

The Devil's Chair

By Elwood

So I grew up in a small town Deland, Florida. A couple towns over was a town called Cassadega. It's a spiritual town. The whole town has mediums, seances, palm readers, it's a weird place. Well there's a graveyard there. And in this graveyard is a chair, called The Devil's Chair.

Well when we were teenagers we used to go out there. We would go out there and burn a couple doobies. Maybe take some girls out there. You know try to scare them a little bit.

Well one night we go out there, me and a buddy of mine. And we bring our girlfriends along with us. We're sitting in my truck, burning down the house. Telling ghost stories to the girls, talking about the Devil's Chair. Telling fables about witches, ghost. Getting good and stoned. Well the girls start getting a little scared. Trying to talk us into leaving.

So this is where shit really starts getting freaky. Were sitting there listening to the tunes and all of a sudden the radio dial starts moving back and forth. Now this was one of them old radios where you had to turn the knob. It had an indicator that went back and forth across the stations. Well its jumping from Station to Station, were hearing nothing but static. Not only is it jumping from station to station you can actually see it on the dial indicator. Now we're really freaking out. So I fire the truck up throw it into drive and we're getting the fuck out of there. So I step on the gas, next thing I know the gas pedal goes all the way down to the floor. I start screaming for somebody to take there foot off the gas. Problem is nobody has there foot on the gas. Well this was a fast truck, and it was flying through that Cemetery. Ive got both feet on the brake pedal trying to slow it down, to no avail. So I reach up and turn the key off. Well that don't do nothing, it's still racing through the cemetery. Now the girls are screaming, and were freaking out.

We come up to the gates of the Cemetery. The minute we go through the gates the truck turns off and everything goes back to normal. I fire the truck up and we drive away. True story, happened in the mid seventies.

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17 Sep, 2018
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2 mins
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