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The Diary Jessie`s Entry
The Diary Jessie`s Entry

The Diary Jessie`s Entry

Crissy_ColeJess Lycan

day one

dear diary

its been awhile since we have been together im going insane this worlds crazy i just want you all back im all alone in this scary world sigh i miss you guys dearly but i must focus on the task at hand i must find the heart or our world will die i mustn't loose my family my friends my kids and i must bring back my husband tho the darkness its driven our brother into madness i must save everyone i will save everyone i promise u my dear sisters till the next letter my dear sisters i hope you see this i hope you have the books i gave u all.

love Jessie s romeave.
day two

dear diary

i believe im some where in the wild west i don't believe ive ever been somewhere like this before tho there are horses pathetic our wyverns are much better i hope lightning is ok he has a family to take care of i miss u guys dearly tho i saw this guy ride past on a horse he looks cute but i musnt look at him i must stay focussed i must find that heart and return home before time runs out i must hurry stay safe my dear sisters i must go and continue my search till next time hopefully grandfather will have finished his search where he went so he can come to help me good bye my dear sisters remember i love u all to bits.

love Jessie s romeave.

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About The Author
Jess Lycan
About This Story
3 Nov, 2020
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1 min
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