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The Doll
The Doll

The Doll

2 Reviews

One saturday afternoon, Amanda and her mother, Jessica, were walking down the hallway of their hometown mall when they passed by a doll store. Amanda begged her mother to let her go in and since Amanda had been very well behaved, she say yes. They walked in a Amanda gasped. There were at least a hundred dolls all different sizes. Amanda wandered around the store until she saw the one she desired. She walked right up to the cashier and asked to see the doll hung up on the wall. He replied with yes but to be very careful with it. The doll was a little smaller than a foot, was wearing a blue plaid dress and à cute bonnet and was waving two fingers making a peace sign with dark cherry lips. She begged her mother to buy it and the mother caved in and said to Amanda to take care of it. Amanda rushed home and put it on the dresser next to her bed. She fell asleep eager to play with it in the morning. The next morning, Amanda’s mother called her a dozen time but didn’t hear a thing. This is strange she thought because sundays were waffles days which Amanda wouldn’t miss for the world. Jessica decided to go check on her and when she opened her room door she nearly fainted. On the floor lay Amanda, eyes clawed out, organs torn apart with bite marks and limbs severed. Next to her was the doll with even darker lips than before, now waving three fingers, the same numbers of her victims.

Author Notes: This is not an original story. I have heard this story many times before from friends and family. I hope you guys enjoyed!

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About This Story
7 Apr, 2019
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1 min
5.0 (2 reviews)

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