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The Doodle

The Doodle

By Optimism101 - 9 Reviews

“Alright students it’s time to start your tests.” The teacher handed out some scratch paper, and a printed test.

I was in math class during the last period of the day. After this, I would be out.

The test itself was simple. Just some basic trig, nothing too complicated. I got through it easily.

I then proceeded to have an hour left in the period before the tests would be collected.


Luckily, I had a pen that day, and doodled a bit. I drew all over the scratch paper that I had, and filled every single spot.

After that it got a bit dull.

But then I remembered. I can draw on my arms!

I covered all of my arms with cool little doodles of dragons, warriors, and some unicorns.

The hour was up.

“Alright students please pass back your tests and any materials you wrote on.” The teacher started to collect them.

I raised my hand.

“What if we wrote on our arms?” I asked, thoughtfully.

The teacher sighed.

“Can someone please get the saw from my supply closet?”

Author Notes: Yup. More twitter drafts.... Oh! Hey! If you wanna check out my twitter, you can get to me at @nerd_ha I hope you had an awesome day! Tell me what you think!

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26 Apr, 2019
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