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The Dragon Princess: Part 1
The Dragon Princess: Part 1

The Dragon Princess: Part 1

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Once upon a time there was a princess. Her name was Princess Kala. When she was born everyone from across the land celebrated her birth, and many traveled to the castle to see the new princess. In the kingdom there were many magical creatures. One of the most known creatures in the kingdom were the 7 color fairies. There was Ember the red fairy, Tangerina the orange fairy, Buttercup the yellow fairy who was mute, Ivy the green fairy, Cora the blue fairy, Iris the indigo fairy, and me, Ashrose the violet fairy.

Each of these fairies had come to see the new princess and give her a gift. Ember gave Princess Kala the gift of a fiery spirit and strong will. Tangerina gave her the gift of friendship and loyalty. Buttercup gave her the gift of happiness and joy. Ivy gave her the gift to be able to stand up for herself and her friends. Cora gave her the gift to be able to see beauty in everything around her and love all others. Iris gave her the gift of kindness, grace and beauty.

As I was about to give Princess Kala my gift a howling wind tore through the hall. The wind ripped at the drapes and blew out all the lights. All of a sudden there was a crack of thunder and lighting in the middle of the floor. We all looked away from the flash so as not to go blind. When the flash died and it was safe to look again a woman stood where the lighting had hit. It was Obsidian, the black fairy.

She was angry that she had not been invited to see the new princess. She said “Well I am here now I too shall give the little princess a gift” The queen tried to shield the baby but Obsidian flicked her hand and sent the queen flying into her husband the king. Obsidian walked right up to the crib, and looked down at the princess. “Princess Kala will grow up to be kind and beautiful,” “That is very kind and generous” Ember said trying to distract her. “Silence!” she yelled “She will be kind and beautiful but she will live in the shadows for as the sun sets each day she will turn into a dragon, and on her 20th birthday she will turn into a dragon forever! Never to be a human again!” She finished.

Then she made a sweeping motion with her hand. There was another crack of thunder and lighting, then she was gone. The queen jumped up from the floor and grabbed the princess, holding her tight like if she held her long enough the curse wouldn’t take effect. “Please there must be something you can do!” the queen said, turning to us. Ember replied “I am so sorry but there is very little we can do, because that curse was put on the princess by Obsidian it can only be undone by her. I am so sorry that we can’t help.” At that the queen started to cry even harder.

“I might be able to my queen,” I said. “What?” Ember exclaimed “How could you help Ashrose?” “Well” I explained “I have not given Princess Kala a gift yet,” The queen had stopped crying for the moment and was listening to me. “But the fairy Ember said that none of you could remove the curse” she said. “Ember was right” I replied “But seans I have not given little Kala a gift I think I could change the curse a little. I can’t remove the curse but I can change it.”

The queen sniffed and said “Alright I trust you” “Ok put the princess back into the crib.” I instructed. As the queen put the baby down I told her to step away from the crib. She obade, stepping away from the child. “Now I don’t know if I will have much magic after this so if I pass out, here's what needs to happen. One after I cast the spell the princess should fall asleep but don’t worry she will be fine. Second, I will not be able to leave the princess or the spell will weaken. Third, the princess and I will need to leave the castle so Obsidian can’t find us, Ivy you should do that you were always the best at hiding, Forth one or two of you might need to come with me to help protect the princess and myself and Fifth one of you will need to stay with the king and queen to help protect them if Obsidian comes back.”

As I finished telling the other fairies what was about to happen I turned towards the queen and I told her “Princess Kala will not be able to stay here in the castle after I cast the spell, the other fairies will hide the princess and me, but I need one last thing before I do the spell.” “What is it that you need? If it is in my power and my husband agrees we shall do it.” She said, “I need you to give me permission to cast a spell on the princess. After I cast the spell both Kala and I will have to leave. Can you do that?” I asked. The queen looked at the king and he nodded his head to give his permission. As she turned back to me she said “I give you permission to cast a spell on our daughter and to take her from the castle to keep her safe.” At that the queen bowed to me and gave me a hug then she went to stand by her husband. “Thank you, you're Majesty's.” I said bowing back to them then I turned towards the crib and raised my wand to begin the spell.

“Princess fair and beautiful, with curls of chocolate and eyes of gold. I give you the gift of true love, for if you find true love before the age of 20 you shall be a dragon no more but if true love can not be found you shall remain a dragon forever more.” I finished. After I said the last word my legs gave out and I slumped to the floor. Cora and Iris rushed forward to help me and make sure I was ok. After they helped me stand up, I limped over to the crib. Kala had fallen asleep just as I had said she would. Ember came up to me and said “Ashrose, that was amazing! I have never seen such power. After you started the spell it looked like all the lights had been turned off and you were glowing and there were sparks coming out of your wand and landing on the princess. It was amazing, but I think it might have scared the queen a little bit.”

She paused and we both looked over at the queen. She was being held up by the king and her face was ghost white. “Anyway I think you should let the queen know that Princess Kala is ok; then go with Ivy, Buttercup and Iris into hiding. Tangerina and I will stay here to protect the queen and king.” She said in a kind voice. “Thank you” I said in a tired voice. “Your Highness, you should come see your daughter before we leave.” I said to the queen. She took some small tentative steps towards the crib with the king right beside her the whole way. “Will she be ok?” The queen asked. “Yes she will be fine. She has just fallen asleep because that was a lot of magic for one little baby to take in all at once. Now my queen and my king here is where we must leave you. Ember and Tangerina will stay here with you in the castle. I can't tell you where we will be going but when we get there I will send a message through Ember that we are safe.” I replied and explained.

“Take us away Ivy '' I said. As Ivy stepped forward the queen kissed her baby, handed her to me and said “Take care of her please!” “I always will your majesty” I replied. Ivy muttered a few words and then green mist enveloped Ivy, Buttercup, Iris, Kala and I. Suddenly I couldn't see anymore, it felt like I was in a hurricane. Then suddenly it stopped as soon as it started. I felt like I left my stomach back at the castle.

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20 Feb, 2020
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