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The Dream
The Dream

The Dream


The Dream

One night a man, John, thinks to himself “I can’t wait to get to the race track tomorrow. I just have a good feeling about tomorrow.”

He then beds down for the night. While he’s asleep, he has an unusual dream. In his dream, he sees all kinds of hats: Fedoras, Panamas, Straw hats, baseball, Derbies all parading through his dream.

In the morning, when he wakes up, he decides to bet on every horse that has something to do with hats.

He gets to the race track and looks at the racing form.

First race, he sees a horse name Straw Hat. He bets small, not sure if his dream meant anything.

The horses line up, the gate opens and Straw Hat is off and running. He takes an early lead. John is cheering him on.

“Go, go, go. Win you beautiful horse, win.”

Straw Hat wins the race by a length.

“Wow. My first race and I won it. That dream must have been a window into the future. Now, next race. Who’s got a hat name in it?”

He scans the racing form up and down and sees Brown Derby running. He places an even bigger bet on this horse.

The horses are line up at the gate and ready to run.

“Please don’t fail me, now.”

“And they’re off. Cupcake takes the early lead but Brown Derby isn’t going to be denied. Behind is Tom-Tom and JoJo. Brown Derby is gaining on Cupcake. It’s neck and neck. They’re going into the homestretch. It’s Cupcake and Brown Derby. Cupcake and Brown Derby. They’re at the finish line. Cupcake and Brown Derby. And it’s Brown Derby by a nose. Brown Derby has won the race.”

“Wow. I’m on a hot stretch, now.” John thinks to himself.

John looks at the next race. He scans the horses’ names and comes up with Fedora 10:1 odds.

“I’m betting on that one, for sure.”

John is so excited now.

He puts 100 dollars on Fedora to win.

The race was over before it even started. Fedora took a commanding lead and never let it go. Fedora won by five lengths.

And so on. Panama and even a horse called “Baseball Cap”, all came in under the wire to win.

It was a glories day for John. He had never had so much luck as he had today.

But there was one more race to run and John thought, with all the luck he had and money he made that he would bet it all on the last race of the day.

He studied the racing form but could not find any horse with a hat in its name.

He looked twice, three times but couldn’t find a horse that he wanted to bet on.

So finally he put all the money he made on a horse named “Show off”.

He’s watching as the horses enter the gate. Show Off was at the far end of the gate. This made John nervous.

The gate open and all the horses were off. One horse took the lead, then another and then another, all the while Show Off was running last.

John was very worried now. All that money, on a horse in last place. But there still was time.

He hoped and prayed that Show Off would come around and win. But it was all for not. Show Off came in last. All of John’s money was gone, like in a cloud of last place dust.

The only thing John could think was to drown his sorrows.

He found the nearest bar there was and started drowning his feeling at the bottom of a glass.

The bar tender seeing John’s misery, asked him what was wrong.

“You wouldn’t believe it, but I’ll tell you anyways. I was at the race track making a ton of money on the horses. Every horse that had something to do with hats, I bet on it. All from a dream I had last night. There was Straw Hat, Brown Derby, Fedora, Baseball Cap, etc. Every horse won and big time, too. I was raking in the money. And then, the last race of the day, I decided to bet it all on a horse but I couldn’t find a horse with anything to do with hats. So I bet it all on this dog called Show Off. It came in last. I lost all my money. I know you can’t believe that but it’s true. Set me up with another round, please.”

“Sure, buddy. Sorry to hear that. Must have been a tough one to lose all that money, like that.”

“Yea, for sure.”

The bar tender is getting John another round when he stops to think about John’s story.

“Hey, buddy, buy the way, what’s was the name of that horse that caused you so much aggravation?”

“Oh, some damn horse named “Yarmulke”.

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8 Aug, 2021
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4 mins
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