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The Dream Loop
The Dream Loop

The Dream Loop


The Dream Loop

Amanda couldn’t wait for the bell to ring. She just wanted to get home because she felt like a blown light bulb. Twenty minutes left. 10 minutes left. She grew anxious just as she does everyday during this time. 3 minutes. 1 minute. Ring! Ring! Ring! The school bell. School was finally out. She quickly raced to the door and started walking down the hall. She looks out at the school and she already sees her boyfriend waiting for her. She pushes past many of the students that were taking so long. After she went down the steps, she went right into her boyfriend’s arms.

He gave her a little kiss and and said, “What’s up?” She gave her usual answer.

“The sky.” He gave her a my goodness look and laughed. They laughed their troubles away at that moment. She went in close and gave him another kiss then they headed towards the gate. After they told each other their goodbye’s, she went into her dad’s car and they went home.

She walked into her nice and cold house and went past her sister to her room. She opened her door and had a disgusted face. Many of her clothes were on her brown carpet, her things like pictures weren’t placed properly, her makeup and shoes were everywhere. In the corner of her room is her bed and the sheets were always off because they never stayed on. She smelt a strange smell but she couldn’t figure out what it was. She walked to her parents bathroom, grabbed the Febreze, sprayed the spray in her room and then put it back.

“Your puppy misses you,” said her sister, Jessie.

“I almost forgot!” exclaimes Amanda. She went to the back door and opened it and saw her huge German Shepherd wagging her tail and jumping around.

“You sure look happy Athena!” She loves her dog more than anything in the world. She went outside to play with her for a while.

Amanda was all dirty from playing with her dog so she decided to take a shower. After her 30 minute shower, she helped herself to some of the food that her dad had made earlier. For some reason she took her time eating that day. Like she was going to throw up but she was hungry. After dinner, she went into her bed and watched TV. At this point it’s about 9:00pm. She turned on one of her favorite shows, The Carbonaro Effect. She slowly started to drift to sleep.

It was dark. She was cold. Her boyfriend was there, she could tell. She heard his laugh but it was distant. It became bright all of a sudden. At first she didn’t realize it was a dream. She was floating and she realized she was at school. She finally slowly fell to the ground and felt the nice soft grass. She walked around for a while and she found her boyfriend. He was getting pretty comfy with her best friend. Amanda was stunned!

“Amanda won’t find out,” started her best friend, “She’s too dumb, she don’t know anything!” She and her boyfriend started laughing. Amanda tried to yell. Yell so hard. But nothing came out. She had no voice. She felt a sharp and exqushiating pain in her neck. She soon felt her neck and felt a power tool inside it. Blood started to drip down. She fell down with then pain with her, closed her eyes, started to slowly cry and woke up.

She was covered in sweat. She got out of bed and went to get a glass of water. As she turned the faucet on, the water coming out of it started to rise up instead of coming down. She was shocked. Soon the whole roof was covered in water and the whole house flipped upside down. She fell into the icy cold water and as she went in, she felt a million knives just go inside of her. She had this crazy pain all inside of her but not one single blade was in her. The room soon turned into a pool at school, but it was just her. She looked down and she was in a bathing suit. Shocked, she jumped into the pool and it was burning hot. Her boyfriend then appeared and carried her out of the pool. He had this dark hood on and she tried to take it off.

“Don’t!” he yelled at her. She kicked out of his arms and tugged at the hood. It then fell off. What she saw next was to her complete horror. He turned into IT the clown. Her number one fear. She fainted into the pool. She woke up having a hard time breathing.

She sat up into her bed and slapped her face a couple of times to make sure she was up this time. After she felt the pain, she was sure she was up. She got up and grabbed a bowl out of the cupboard. She poured her cereal into the bowl, with milk and started to enjoy. Her father came out of his room with a huge soda.

He then came to her with it and stated, “Wash up.”

“What do you me-” she didn’t finish her reply because at that moment, he opened and poured the whole soda over her head. She was screaming and opened her eyes. She was now at the hospital. She felt great fear inside her gut. She walked down the hall and the floor started to turn into a bunch of broken pieces of glass. Her feet started to burn and sting. Her feet were pouring out blood. She felt the extreme pain but he kept going. She turned to room 39 and saw her boyfriend in the hospital bed.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. Tears came out of her eyes.

“What have I missed? Where is everyone? What happened to you?” She was panicking. She felt so many emotions at once and didn’t know how to comprehend it. She was holding his hand tightly. Breathing heavy she kissed his head. He was pale. Paler than she had ever seen him. She started praying to god.

“God, please keep him alive. He’ll lose too much if he leaves. It’s not his time. Not today. Let him live. I’ll give up everything for him. Everything, just please let him live!” She then leaned in to kiss him on the lips, but at that moment, his face wisped away. She blinked and she was back in her bed.

She didn’t remember waking up but she was freaked out. She didn’t bother getting up. Didn’t bother to move. She didn’t want another dream.

“Please stop! I wanna get ready! I want to go to school! I want to enjoy my day!.” she yelled. Her mom was up and doing her makeup for work.

“Keep your voice down! People are still sleeping!” She gave her a disgusted face and left. She smiled.

“I’m up,” she thought. I’m finally up. She got out of bed and did a little happy dance. She turned on her TV and Spongebob was on. She started with her makeup. Did it very slow and precise. Then she had to just do her hair perfectly. She spent one hour and a half just doing it. Her friend showed up that morning to go to school with her. Amanda chose the perfect outfit for that day and examined herself in her mirror. She had never felt better. She grabbed her bag and waited for her dad to get up to take them to school. 10 minutes later, he gets up and looks groggy,

“Usual,” she thought. They climb into the car and head off. They were going down Walnut when all of a sudden a huge crack appeared in the street. The crack soon turned into a hole. Her dad drove on into the hole.

Amanda froze, and her next words were, “Oh no.”

Author Notes: Not my best story..

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13 Jun, 2018
Read Time
6 mins
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