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The Echo of Lost Love
The Echo of Lost Love

The Echo of Lost Love

SaturnStarRich Powell

I remember the overwhelming feelings of ecstasy and desire,
That was when I fell in love for the first time,
A feeling I was sure that would last for eternity,
A feeling that set my heart ablaze and filled my soul with certainty.

My young heart bathed in every ounce of romance,
I was sure it was past the stage of giving it a chance.
My heart was packaged, shipped and signed for,
That much I forever swore.

But they say that all good things come to an end,
Time and circumstance drove our paths to a bend,
For the once perfect road we walked hand-in-hand,
Narrowed to a point that both of us could not stand.

A path lay before us down which only they could walk,
With tears in my eyes I couldn't even talk,
My heart had been mortally wounded,
Yet I refused to let our future be concluded,
Days, months, years passed by,
And suddenly it seemed a distant lie.

Countless years later I stand aged and alone,
I suffer from a withered heart that's torn like the ozone,
Repeated love and heartbreak has taken its toll,
When will my path lead me to that which was once stole?

I've become so lost and filled with regret,
My memory will never let me forget,
The days that were filled with romance and ecstasy,
I long for the days where I lived so zestfully,
But now I'm left with the burden of,
The echo of lost love.

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Rich Powell
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3 Sep, 2017
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1 min
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