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The Elevator Numbers
The Elevator Numbers

The Elevator Numbers

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A girl by the age of 18 with long brown hair and hazel eyes who goes by the name of Sky, came back from a long day of work at the grocery store. She just reached the hotel and got onto the elevator because she didn't wanna have to take the long stairs to floor 6. As she got into the elevator she took out her phone and looked at the time, it was 11:00PM, she then said to herself, "Eh, nothing new, I always get off at this time I guess", she then looks at the buttons and presses Floor 6. And the elevator slowly begins to take off, 1 minute later the elevator is still slowly going to floor 6, Sky gets frustrated, and looks at what number the elevator is on, '2', marks the elevator tech sign above the door, Sky then groans in anger and presses the Floor 6 button a lot of times, and then the elevator begins to shake a little and makes a weird rumble sound. Sky gets a little terrified and stops pressing the button. The light inside the elevator begins to flicker, and then the light stops flickering and the elevator stops moving. Sky then gets very mad, and presses the emergency button, hoping it had sent to get help that the elevator has gotten stuck. 4 minutes later, she looks on her phone to check the time, 11:05PM, marks the clock on her phone, she then goes to get help on her phone, but it seems the service stopped working, Sky gets mad and so she says to herself, "UGH! Come on service! Work! It's hot in here!", she says waving her phone to get some connection. But nothing works, so she leans on the corner of the elevator hoping people will come, then 1 minute later, she heard soft whispering in clear words from the elevator doors.


Says from the outside of the doors, she then gets terrified and slowly says in confusion while looking around the room, "H..Hello..? Who's there..?!", she says while shaking in fear holding her phone with a tight grip. The whisper then says back,

"Can you help me please?",

Sky is then confused but in fear at the same time, she then says with a stutter in her voice, "W..with what..?", she comments back to the unknown voice, the whisper once again, says something else,

"Can you press Floor 1 please?"

Says the whisper answering the question she has said, Sky then terrified again says, "Why? Can't you press it yourself? Where ever you are", she says sarcastically mocking back at the whisper, the whisper then says back with soft warm air blowing through the lines of the elevator door,

"But my hands were chopped off",

Then whisper repeatedly ask again, with a new answer,

"Can you press Floor 2 please?"

Sky gets more terrified and stutters back, "N..No, I'm sorry..Just use your feet", Sky says with a stutter in her voice as she comments back in fear, the whisper then breathes heavily and then says,

"But my feet were chopped off",

The whisper then repeatedly asked again, but with another answer again,

"Can you press Floor 3 please?"

Says the whisper, Sky then just ignores the voice and looks on her phone, the whisper then repeatadly says again but with a different answer and with a knock on the elevator door,

"Can you press Floor 4 please?"

And again in fear, Sky just ignored the voice and plays Candy Crush on her phone, the voice with a scratching sound on the elevator door, repeatedly says again, with another answer,

"Can you press Floor 5 please?"

Sky then gets frastatued and mad and screams back at the voice mocking, "CAN YOU PLEASE, SHUT UP, AND PRESS THE BUTTON YOURSELF, USE YOUR BIG FOREHEAD OR SOMETHING!!!", she looks back on her phone and plays Candy Crush and goes to press Floor 6 once again and waits, then walking sounds are heard, and the whisper sounds louder like it's by Sky's ear, and says...

"Thank you for pressing Floor 6".

Author Notes: Hi, comment down below if you loved this story or hated it, I don’t mind, haters gonna hate, lovers gonna love, please rate if you’d like, enjoy your day!

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13 Apr, 2021
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3 mins
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