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The Eleventh Year

The Eleventh Year

By Jenkins

"Hello,my name is Alisa." I say looking around.I don't know how this will really help me with anything, I mean I don't want to be here at all. "Okay Alisa it is really nice to meet you I am Mrs.Trish but you can call me Patty" she looks down at her clipboard then looks back up and starts talking to me "I know you have been having a hard time and you might think that seeing a phsychiatrist is dumb or lame or whatever you kids call it these days but you do know hat she is going to pass away someday right?" She gives a sorrowful look at me "Yes." I reply. "Someday soon?" She asked. "Yes ma'am." I say uncomfortably.She is getting a call, "Sweetie, why don't you get going and we will talk later."She asks. "yes ma'am." I walk out of the room. I will NOT come back here ever again.

I have arrived home. Mom isn't here she is the hospital.She has cancer and she will not be alive for long she will die, there is no doubt about it. "sweetie is that you?" Grandmother asks. "Yes mam." I answer, "what are you doing here?" I question not only her but myself. "I came to make sure you where alright."She replys but I know that she is lying.She better not be stealing again or anything else. "Okay well you can go now because I'm okay.I made it back alright.I have been taking care of myself and of my mother I believe I don't need you now,I needed you along time ago and where were you?Huh,'cause you where not here.So where were you?I raise my voice. "I was gone not here and that's all you need to know and all of your business." As she walks out of the house and slams the door."Well I sure got her out of here" I say to myself.

Well my mom is out of the hospital now,she looks really bad. "Alisa call 911 right now." She screams. "Yes mother.I am right now." She is throwing up blood this is not good.

I have been waiting here in the waiting room for five hours now. "Alisa,Alisa Marie your mother wants to talk to you." says one of the nurses. "Coming." I say following her into my mothers hospital room. "Hello mother.Are you okay?" I ask witha worried expression on my face cause I know she is about to die. "No darling it is my time." She says holding back the tears that will flow like a waterfall,if she lives through then. "Why mother why you?Why now? I ask crying. "Because the good Lord wants me too." She says smiling and crying, "I"m sorry that I wasn't able to take care of you through all that time.I love you.Goodbye." She says taking her last breath reaching for my hand. "I love you too, goodbye,mother." I say sobbing.

Twenty years later

I am 30 years old now. I have a family now. I have two girls that are as beautiful as can be and the best husband ever! Yes, I miss my mother and I am not sorry that she died cause I know she is in a great place.

I am now 93,I have lots of beautiful Grandkids and I know that I have had a tough life, well at least at the beggining but all that payed off case now I have realised it was a fair life and I know that it it time for me to go."I love you,goodbye" the last words Alisa ever spoke to her mother and now she is with her and the wonderful Lord.

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16 Sep, 2011
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3 mins
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