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It was a calm, peaceful night.

A large full Moon set among thousands of stars, cast a path of light across a gentle sea to the horizon.

Just off shore, there was a small dark object, silhouetted against the Moonlight. The small dark object, was a two oared rowing boat.

The oars were being pulled very slowly, by a young woman called Venus.

Venus loved to row when the sea was calm, even on nights when the Moon was full.

After rowing out three miles, she turned the boat in order to head back to shore.

It was then that something most unusual happened.

Out of nowhere, there appeared a small rocky island with a luminous, emerald arch on top.

The arch framed, what appeared to be a pink curtain of light. Leading up to the arch, was a luminous emerald flight of steps.

For a moment, Venus thought she was seeing things. She closed and opened her eyes. The island was still there.

Then something else unusual happened.

The boat started moving slowly towards the island of its own accord.

Venus tried to pull away from the island, but she couldn’t. It was as if the boat was caught in a tractor beam.

When the boat reached the island, Venus got out and climbed the steps to the arch.

The arch was about eight feet tall and eight feet wide. It did indeed frame a curtain of shimmering pink light.

Venus had many unanswered questions. What lay beyond the curtain of light? Was the arch a portal to another dimension? Was it a star gate? Was it a time portal?

Those were but a few questions, which Venus wanted answers to.

She then questioned whether the island was a portal. After all, it had appeared out of nowhere. Maybe it was a place between dimensions, or times.

For a moment, Venus wondered whether or not to go through the curtain of light.

Part of her wanted to go through the veil, to see what lay beyond.

Another part of her was hesitant. She feared the thought of going through the curtain, but not being able to return.

There was only one way to find out.

Very slowly, Venus walked out of sight through the curtain of light.

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25 Aug, 2023
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1 min
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