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The End
The End

The End

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He stood there, by himself. All alone. His eyeliner smudge. He’s places his hand ,with the purple nail polish he knows she like, on the bar. He tilts over and sees a 70 foot drop. He’s not scared, he tilts over even more. His fluffy hair in the wind as it’s starts to rain. The buckles on His chunky boots that lay apon his feet sway in the storm.

He starts to tremble, the people in the cars below him are starting to get worried. He misses her, the tears run down his face as he starts to remember the day when it all happened, he tried to stop her, now he blames himself for not be able to help her. On the sunniest day he still feel there is a massive dark cloud over him. He’s weighed down by the gilt, never knowing if he’ll ever be able to feel alright again.

The clothes that lay apon his well built body. And the make up that lays on his soft skin all represents the darkness he feels inside him. The dark clothes, the messy eyeliner, the chunky boots. All the guys are threatened by how feminine he is, all the girl stare as they fall in love with him. The sickness feeling that he feels deep in belly makes it hard for him to leave his bed. He don’t want to live here anymore not with her not here. So he tillts over a little bit more and lets go.

Author Notes: Thank your for taking your time to read this story it means a lot <3

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11 Jan, 2021
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