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The End & The Beginning

The End & The Beginning

By Rosita Wijnberg

Cate stared at the sky. The world was about to end; the Big Bang was about to happen again. It was going to happen next to Earth, and it was going to destroy Earth. Everyone was visiting old friends, visiting relatives, saying goodbye. Everyone was scared, except for him. He wanted to see the Big Bang. The whole planet was going to die and there was nothing anyone could do about it- so why not enjoy it? It would be beautiful, Cate knew. A whole new planet- a whole new world. It may be the end of Earth- but it was a beginning for another world, another race. The Earth was dying anyway.
         It happened so suddenly. One moment, everyone was saying goodbye. The next moment- BANG. It began. The Earth's atmosphere tore apart. Everyone was silent. Too scared to scream. It happened in slow motion- like stars exploding. It was beautiful. Then the next thing happened too fast- everything was blown apart. Buildings, people, everything. Cate's life flashed before his eyes. Then it was over.

Author Notes: hey this sucks im sorry i wrote it for fun not much effort soz

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Rosita Wijnberg
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11 Mar, 2015
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