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The End is the Begging

The End is the Begging

By Teddie

It started when I was in school. We sat in woodshop going over the rules and how to use the tools properly. Our teacher Mr. Bradley was going over some horrific stories of kids losing their hands and scalp. The tools were in separate room. The woodshop department had two rooms. There was one room that we talked about upcoming projects and safety tests. The second room had all the tools like hand saws, screw drivers, and hammers etc. "Let me tell you, you do not want to be losing your head for doing something stupid like run around or wave sharped edged tools in the shop." said Mr. Bradley.

Class went on as normal as we had to take notes on the board on safety. In case you haven't noticed Mr. Bradley is hell bent on scaring us into using safety precautions. But as the boring day went on a knock came at the room's door. Mr. Bradley goes over to the door and sees a student. Except he had a bad smell and was moaning. To top it off half his skin was wasted away. He had a green and gray look to him and a large gash on his shoulder blade. At first Mr. Bradley thought was a prank. "Do you think I'm stupid kid. I'm telling the principal about this. What's your name? asked Mr. Bradley. The kid just moaned.

The class and I thought is was a prank to so we laughed at his response. "That's it I'll have to call him to our room to pick you up if you are going to act like this." said Mr. Bradley. Then he attacked our teacher and ripped a chunk of flesh off his shoulder (I'm guessing this is worse than getting your arm cut off by a sharp edged tool.) Mr. Bradley screamed in pain as the kid ripped off more flesh. The class freaked out and started to scream and panic. Some kids ran out the door. While others were to I shock to move. I looked over to my right and saw the tools in the room next door. "The shop!!!" I screamed. Everyone looked over at me. "Maybe we stop and call another teacher or something." We all ran into the room grabbing saws and hammers. The weird deceased looking kid had finished off with Mr. Bradley, who was nothing more than a pile off blood and flesh. You could barely identify him as human. He now turned his attention towards us.

First Fred Charles went after him with a hammer and started hacking away at the deceased kid. Tina Donald went after the phone on the wall that connected to the office. "Hello there's some psycho in here and he killed our teacher." she cried. By now Fred had killed the psycho. But Tina got no response from the office. "No ones answering." she said hanging up.

"Are we going to die. Why aren't we in lock down?" said Rebecca Rubio almost in tears. Fred Charles went over to her and assured her that it was over and that no one was dying. As he said that the chunk of flesh that was our teacher a couple of minutes ago started to groan and move slightly. It crawled over to Fred and wrapped around his leg. Fred screamed loud and started hacking at the chunk of flesh. "Get it off!!! Get it off!!! Please someone help me!!!" he cried. I was in shock-in-awe as I couldn't believe what I was seeing. So was everyone else. I finally snapped out of my trance and whacked the creature with my saw. After a couple more shots it died down and stopped groaning and moving. I looked at it then looked over at Fred who was crying. "I owe you my life, man."

"We should probably get out of here if these come back like Mr..." I choked on my words. "That creature did." Tina opened the door and went out first. Immediately another deceased creature of a student who had earlier just ran out on us jumped on Tina and started to rip her in half and bite off flesh. As it was to late to save her the creature came toward us. Nine others followed sue and soon we were surrounded by an armada of them.


To Be Continued...

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14 Feb, 2013
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3 mins
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