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The End is the Beginning pt.2

The End is the Beginning pt.2

By Teddie

Nine zombies surrounding thirteen of us. Me, Fred, Ron Hanigan, and Stephen Grimes all went after them. They were hard to kill. You'd have to hit them in the head three to five times before they died.

We ran out the room and went to Mr. Wilson's class to tell him what's going on. But when we got there the classroom was crawling with zombies. You could hear them moaning through the door. We decided to go to the principles office. "Why would go there. He didn't pick up. No one did. Who's to say they aren't a zombie either." said Ron.

"They could have just of been hiding in there. To afraid to come out."

We walked up one fight of stairs and then down a hall way. Until we finally got there. I slowly opened the door and looked inside. No one seemed to be inside. I called Fred and Stephen over for backup, just in case they are one of those things. I looked over the counter and saw a horrific mess of flesh and blood. Looked two people. I decided it was time to go as it looked to dangerous.

"Who put you in charge!" said Stephen. "I don't think so, I'm going to find the principal and then we're going to be safe." He walked deeper into the room looking around cautiously. When a zombie attacked from out of nowhere! It all happened so fast I didn't know what was happening. Fred grabbed me and pulled me out of the room. Then locked the door. "Thanks man."

" Where's Stephen?" asked Trish DeHanzus. I shook my head. Most people started to cry while others went silent. "I don't know what we're going to do. But we're not dying that's for sure." I reassured everyone.
We got outside and sat down.

There were thirteen of us left of our class. July Samuels he likes to ply video games. Trish DeHanzus she was kind of tall don't really know much about her. Andy Dino he likes basketball and he would say 'No I like girls' (and who doesn't). Samantha Richards who dating Alec Steven and they've been quiet since this started can't blame them I guess. Rebecca Rubio kind of a talker. Dean Manson also a talker mostly about anime though. He's obsessed with it. Dale Wagner also like basketball. Ben Adams he came to America four years ago from the Dominican Republic. Ron is crazy never really liked him but he's better than flesh eating monsters I guess. Then there's Fred who you can call my best friend I think, I don't know.
To Be Continued...
Everyone waits in the baseball field for their parents to show up, me included. It's only been two hours since the attack. I thought I'd ever miss school like this. On the bright side this'll fly by and I'm getting extra time on the homework I missed. Alec Morrow is my name and I can't wait to go home.

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17 Feb, 2013
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2 mins
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