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The End is the Beginning pt.3

The End is the Beginning pt.3

By Teddie

As we sat in the baseball field I started to realize that our parents aren't probably coming. They're probably zombies like the rest of them. I want to move on but the school looks like safe place except for the fact there are 1,000 zombies in there. A crash stops me from thinking and I go to check it out along with many others.

I see the zombies trying to break out of the school. Windows are broken. I look across the street and see other zombies trying to get out of the houses. "AAAHHH!!!" I heard someone scream and I see at least one hundred zombies coming our way. We break for the woods that are behind the baseball field, but we are cut off by another thirty or so of them. "Lets go to the back of the school it's our only hope!" I yelled. I continue to ear screams but don't look back.

One more scream comes and I decide to look back. Bad idea. I see a hoard of zombies ripping and biting the skin off of Dale and Ben. I couldn't believe what I saw. Fred grabbed me and told me to keep going and I had to if I wanted to live.

We reached beyond the woods and saw the towns biggest plaza. The Washington Plaza. Filled with the dead people walking. People that shouldn't be walking. People that should be in the ground decaying in peace. But now they walk and try to kill us. "What are we going to do?" asked Rebecca.

"I don't know." I said. "If we're quiet then maybe we can sneak by, there might be some survivors in there. Has to be." I hoped. We reached the parking lot. So far unseen. We had to make it to the Mcdonalds, there's food there and most likely survivors so... do I have to explain much more. We hid behind cars keeping an eye out for anything. I tried to block out the noise of those things but there was so many it was hard to do. We were almost there all we had to do was cross the street and hopefully get in without drawing attention. I motioned forward after making sure the coast was clear. We made a swift way across and pulled on the front doors. It was locked. I had to knock on the door. "No one's coming." Fred tapped me on the shoulder. "Don't be so sure about that." he said pointing at the zombies slowly making their way toward us. "I don't know what to do here guys." I said frightened.

'Kids get over hear NOW!!!" I heard. We all looked over to our right and saw a man in the door of the store next to the Mcdonalds. We ran to him hoping to make it time. "It got me! Help!!!" someone screamed from behind. I couldn't look back though. I just heard the crunches of teeth braking bones and splashes of blood being thrown.

It seemed like forever but we made it. I was smiling but no one else was. "Who was it? I asked.

"Alec." said Rebecca. I looked over at Samantha who was crying in the corner. "Sorry about your friend. I'm Walter Roberts. Are your parents here or... you know." he said.

"I'm not sure. We came from the school up the road we were waiting for them when these zombies attacked us."

Then we all heard a banging against the glass, it was them, the zombies they were breaking in!!!
To Be Continued...

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18 Feb, 2013
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3 mins
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