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The End of Molly and Sam
The End of Molly and Sam

The End of Molly and Sam

Spiritwolf123987Morgan Corneau

The End of Molly and Sam

A girl sits in her car, waiting. She had just driven to her friend’s boyfriend’s house to pick her up from a chaotic party. Molly was always a party loving kind of girl, everyone loved her, her blond hair was always perfect, her green eyes were always shining, her plump lips always laughing. Molly was perfect. Sam envied that, she envied the fact that everyone loved her, she envied her beautiful hair, her emerald green eyes, and her plum happy smile. It has been about 30 minutes now. She waits still, while the sound of the night surrounds her and her car. Sam was the opposite of Molly. Her amber hair was always a mess, I mean why would it be if she never cared to brush it. She hated parties, because she was never a people person. A chill comes abruptly up her spine and onto her neck, it's cold out. Leaning to her right, the young woman fumbles, feeling for the crank for her window in her Jeep. A whisper sails across the wind and lands on her lips. She repeats the word. “Soon...” An idea, a thought, a bone chilling conclusion comes to a rest in her mind. “I'm not alone in my car?” she stretches her neck around like a struggling owl, only to see nothing but the shadows that loomed in her back seats. Only to be calmed for a moment. Until she whips her head around to witness a man on the windshield of her car. She screeches. Maybe she was seeing things, because as she blinked… It disappeared. Her hands shake as she pulls out her phone. It rings, emitting a soft monotone chirp. Once again she waits, yet no answer. She tries again. No answer. Then again, no answer. Obviously, she was getting nowhere.

“Sam!” A loud, sharp voice broke the eerie silence that surrounded her, as her name was called. Sam looked up to see her friend, Molly, with her face mushed up against the passenger seat window. “Sam! I'm sorry I'm late! I just-” She stopped her energetic rambling suddenly, as she stared at something in the distance. Sam unlocked the doors as her friend opened it slowly. Her head was still pointed in the direction of whatever she was fixated on. Molly ducked her head into the car. “I think you should see this…” After seeing that man on the car window, her nerves were shot. Unwillingly, Sam got out and was faced with something quite shudder some and nightmarish. There was this dark figure, standing about a quarter of a mile away. Molly started to get back into the car, when she noticed that the dark serpentine like silhouette started to move. Its arm rose, and pointed to the nearby ill-lighted road. She shuddered, and dipped into the car. Sam soon followed.

“Is that the only way to leave? Isn't there another road we can take? Like a back road?” Molly asked. “No, there isn't. This IS, a back road. There isn't any way for us to leave, I know this sounds like a scene out of a horror movie, but we're stuck here unless we take that weird looking road. Were on a dead end…” Sam buckled her seatbelt, and motioned for Molly to do the same. “I know you're scared, but we got to face our fears. Trust me, nothing bad is going to happen. I promise.” Molly nodded her head in agreement as the two girls started down the path. “Just remember, don't look at whoever that is. You don't want to draw attention to yourself.” As the friends reached the man, Molly fought the urge to look out the window. Finally, she broke and took a quick glance. What she saw made her scream.

There was a man, with dark eyes, dark hair, and fair skin. He looked seemingly normal. Besides the fact that he had gallons of mucus pouring out of his nose, his mouth, his eyes, even his ears. “Molly! I said don't look!” but it was too late. He had noticed her. Suddenly, his arm pointed violently at the girl. Without warning, a hum, a buzz, a bumble came from within the vents of the car. Hundreds of Japanese hornets began to emerge from the ventilation of the car, and crawl all over Molly. There, they dug into her nose, into her mouth, and suffocated her with their sustained buzzing. They stung her from within, until she couldn't bare it any longer. “Sam!” she cried. “Help me! Why aren't you helping me?!” Sam sat there, eyes bewildered, while she watched her best friend claw at her own face in agony. “SAM!!” Molly screamed out once again. There was nothing. Absolutely nothing there. At all. Giving in to her insane delusion, Molly bashed her face into the jeep’s dashboard. “Stop it! What's wrong with you?!” Sam grabbed at her companion. She was in dire need of help, but there was nothing that she could do.

Her lungs filled with the mass of hornets, and it felt as if she was suffocating from within, almost as though she was drowning, but not from water, from liquid fear. Sam backed herself into her car door eyes wide. Her eyes filled with scared, stormy tears, and they rolled down her face. It was almost like being in hell. You’re trapped in your cell, blinded by the darkness, unable to see the person right next to you being tortured, all you can do is squint at their outline and hope you’re eventually not next. So you just sit there, listening to their screams, imagining the pain they’re going through. Molly continued to smash her face into the dash board. Until eventually, she was dead. Sam was appalled. She slammed on the gas, but it was too late. The man was on her windshield. It was the same man she had seen before.

The wind blew, and so it carried that spectral word. “Soon…”

There was the feeling of scratching in the back of her throat. Sam coughed once, then again, until it felt like she was going to throw up. She felt a hair on her tongue. Angrily, she fished in her mouth feeling for the hair. Suddenly she found it. It was thick, and black. She gagged as she could feel more of it come forth from her throat.

The man was still there, on the outside of her car watching Sam, sneering, he was not hiding how he felt. He was enjoying this, her fear, her disgust. Ropes of black hair continued to slither from her quivering lips. Is this how Molly had felt? This pain, this urge to die? What was this? Was there a reason to this madness, this horror, this… Torture..? Finally the knots of hair stopped. But there was a jerking feeling in her stomach. She pulled one last time. And what she saw could make an angel cry, the devil smile, a madman even madder. On the ground in front of her lay her insides. Sam thought to herself, as a tear ran down her face. “I’m dead. This is what I've been living for. Everything leading up till now… Is unavoidable. Unchangeable. I was bound to die.” And that was the end of Molly and Sam.

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Morgan Corneau
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2 Jun, 2017
Read Time
6 mins
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