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The End

The End

By faithelise

My moms second marriage was to a military guy. My sister and I didnt really like him from the start. My mom promised we would never move because he of him getting transferred. I will never take up on a promise from my mom ever again!
It was like 3 months before school let out, and I was sitting at the dinner table and they told me that we were moving to South Carolina at the end of the school year. I was so mad at her! she promised! So as the days, weeks, and months kept passing by it kept getting closer to us moving. The last day of school was the worst. I hung out with my best friend since kindergarten for the very last hour of school. It ws akward because we knew what was coming but we didnt want to talk about it. When the bell rang to let us out, I burst out in tears, I couldnt hold them in, I was holding them since the day I found out I was moving. I sat outside the school for only 10 minutes but it felt like an hour. My mom finally came to pick me up and I was so sad that I did not talk to her the hole way to South Carolina.
I have been living in SC for 3 years it has gotten better over time. I still miss all my friends, in Missouri, some people dont even remember me from there. I did gain something for moving, I gained friends and now I have friends in SC and MO!

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2 Jun, 2011
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