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The Epic of Gilgamesh: The Fall From Light

The Epic of Gilgamesh: The Fall From Light

By KeithLankford

Into the darkness
He slowly did fall
As he told the tale
As he left all

The world of the living
Slipping away
Into the House of dust
Where he would eternally stay

The angel of death
Had taken his hand
Gilgamesh save me
Make one final stand

Enkidu my friend
I will battle for you
When you arrive
Forget all you knew

Stray from the land
In spirit you might
First gather for me
The drum which sounds the night

Into the Nether World he had arrived
Semi divine and with much pride
Now with the dead he made his home
Clothed in bird feathers his immortality now known

Knowing full well
What not to do
Yet banished to hell
He did as he so choose

Defiant in death
As in his life
His spirit was trapped
Deep eternal night

Crying to the gods
In the heavens above
Save Enkidu
For my friend I have much love

Enki and Shamash
Heard his trumpeting pleas
Yes we will help
Gilgamesh oh thee

Shamash with much force cracked open the Earthly lands
Enkidu’s spirit took flight, returning though once banned
Into the eyes of his brother in arms he did stare
As he told his tale of what he had gathered there

Surpassing all other kings
He who saw the deep
Found these possessions
To be ones he wished to keep
But as he soon ventured off
To distant foreign worlds
In anger he lashed out
As his fate slowly unfurled


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19 Nov, 2021
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1 min
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