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The Epic of Gilgamesh: The Scorpion Beings

The Epic of Gilgamesh: The Scorpion Beings

By KeithLankford

Ishtar at his door offering herself at last
Gilgamesh refrained, much knowledge or her past
The Bull of Heaven shall reign down upon thee
She explained to Anu, or from hell I shall free
The dead to the Earth, to roam with living
From the House of dust to the firmament and sea

The Bull of Heaven fell from the sky
Unleashing great plagues and famines men died
Gilgamesh angered, Ekidu at his side
Slaughtered the Bull slayed and pried
The Heart of the beast firmly in hand
Offered to Samash god of the sun of the land

The son of Sin the god of the moon
Samash deity of Justice helped slaughter entomb
Humbaba keeper of the Cedar Forest
Stripped of his armor beheaded before this
Meeting with Ishtar and the turned away kiss
Which brought upon Earth such hell as this

Ishtar angered revenge she shall have
Cast curses at Enkidu not immortal he passed
Far from the living in death he did roam
Gilgamesh angered lashed out alone
Gifts he offered to the gods above all
If he might walk with the dead in the fall

From the living on Earth to the House of Dust
Where Enkidu now dwelled taken from us
Uruk did mourn, statues were built
Gilgamesh sat waiting where Enkidu laid still
Refusing to give his friend to the land
Until maggots fell from his face and his hands

Gilgamesh shattered, Mortal he knew
Journeyed to see the survivors of the deluge
Of human descent they roamed foreign worlds
After being granted immortality
Having saved the seeds of the world
Far East he traveled new adventures unfurled

Crossing great rivers and Oceans quite fast
Slaying lions, bears as great mountains he passed
The sun soon rose from distant worlds
Mount Masha it’s said the insects had burrowed
The Scorpion beings guarding the pass
After Gilgamesh pleaded mortality quite fast

Soon he would cross the Waters of Death
After traveling twelve leagues
The Ferryman helped him on with his quest
Surrounded by stone giants
Gilgamesh show them their death
Sacred they were he would later regret

The Forest of Cedar offered to him a plan
He cut many down intent to use them
Punting poles he made, using garments as sails
To the Island of Dilmun where he pled his tale
Reprimanded he was quite quickly we know
For he wasted much life seeking to be immortal


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19 Nov, 2021
Read Time
2 mins
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