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The Eye of The Storm

The Eye of The Storm

By TheForgotten - 1 Review

For weeks news channels around the world had been broadcasting a moon sized meteoroid that would soon strike the Earth. I of course felt it was the most ridiculous peice of fake information I'd ever heard. I roll my eyes as I listen to yet another BREAKING NEWS story on the television. I erupt in laughter, what a joke. Once this is all over with the entire planet will look back and think about how idiotic it was. Honestly, like we need another 2012 end of the world panic attack. The doorbell shrieks interrupting my thoughts.

"Jaxon it's open!" I shout from the kitchen as I slice a tomato. The door closes shut. Warm hands support my waist gently. "You're not going to help?"

"Nope I'd probably chop my finger off" he grins at me. "So do you need to be comforted? You seem very flustered over the new crisis."

"I'm fine." I roll my eyes at him. You know the sound of a car when the alarms go off? Imagine thousands of those alarms at one time. I shriek as glass spews from the windows in shards. "Jaxon?"

"I'm right here." He grabs my hand. "Let's look outside." I stare at the destruction, every window is broken. A loud scream fills the air I look up towards the sky, a ball of fire grows in size as it plummets to the Earth.

"It's over." I whisper quietly Jaxon gathers me in his arms, he wipes a few tears off my face.

"Together?" He asks, I nod. We stand in silence as the world turns to chaos. Everything just seems to stop, like we can never be harmed, but its only the eye of the storm. And then all of a sudden the peacefulness collapses. Everything explodes, the last thing I remember is being held before it all disappears to oblivion. 

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23 Apr, 2016
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