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The Eyes of My Beloved

The Eyes of My Beloved

By Kirra Cameron

Remembering looking into the eyes of my beloved;

Those pure dark browns,

Those dusty memories,

The painful heart-ache.

Remembering the soft placement of his hand into mine,

The way it slides in perfectly, just as a jigsaw puzzle should.

The way his rhythmic thumb gently just strokes mine,

The way it just seems to fix every pain in my body, with just a touch.

Remembering the soft kiss of his lips on my scarred forehead,

His lips just brushing the top of my skin the way a blanket would cover you as safety.

His lips protection against the world

His lips just a comfort zone against everyone.

Remembering the safety of a giant bear hug,

The arms of a soldier wrapped around me as corruption has struck.

The strong body as a force field.

The tightness of all the protectiveness in the world.

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About The Author
Kirra Cameron
About This Story
30 Dec, 2018
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<1 min
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