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The Facility Part Two

The Facility Part Two

By JustNicoleValiukas

An inhuman growl carried through the air of the room.
It had me cornered underneath the bed of which I was hiding. I could make out the ripped bottom of the filthy pants it had been wearing when it was still human. It stank of death, even though it had not remained in that state after the virus struck, but risen. I sent out a mental question, asking if my younger sister had made it out alright, and was waiting for me in the house next door as we'd planned.
I had told her to leave me if I hadn't made it out of here after searching for food, weapons, uncontaminated water, or anything else that could be of use.
I waited for it to leave, mentally kicking myself for being stuck here. It didn't leave. I heard the shuffling of more clumsy footsteps. Shit, I thought. I'm screwed. I would've cursed out loud, if I hadn't known it would mean certain death. What the fuck were they doing in here taking so long, knitting a sweater? They didn't know I was there.
More shuffling, followed by a primal grunt.
Son of a- it had brought friends.
I made sure I kept my breathing even, even through I was so scared I was about to choke on my own oesophagus. Suddenly, I felt a change in the air. The shift would've gone unnoticed if my senses weren't heightened. They stopped grunting, and instantly the awkwardness dissapeared, replaced with now three infected, lethal killers, alert and hungry for human flesh. They sprinted out of the room, and then I heard the unmistakable sound of the front door being eagerly wrenched open in their ravenous chase.
A scream emanated from the darkness, shortly afterward, terrified and thick with pain: decidedly human and decidedly male.
They had found their prey. More screams followed, but these were clearly not human. They were banshee shrieks of triumph at having found food. Animalistic and horrible. They belonged to The Infected.
He had better pray for a swift death, although he had clearly already received one. I knew this because the screams had stopped. They must have aimed for the neck. They always aimed for the neck.
I hoped he wouldn't rise, because then I'd have to kill him. And I was finished with that. I had killed more people in the last couple of months- including both parents who had become infected- than any sixteen year old girl should have to even watch on horror movies.
I waited until I knew it was safe to emerge from my unoriginal hiding place and began the walk- which would take an unnaturally long period of time due to my thorough searching for Infecteds at every turn- to the neighbours home, who were, like so many others, now dead.
The door creaked open, and I walked cautiously inside. I didn't call out "hello, is anyone there?"
I opened each downstairs room, checking to see if my younger sister, Abigail, was anywhere in sight, or out of sight if she was smart.
After deciding that the downstairs area was free of both Infecteds and my sister, I was about to bring my foot down on the second stair when a hand touched my shoulder from behind- almost bringing me tumbling back down in terror.
"Roxy," my sister's voice whispered, and I detected an unnerving trace of fear. Had I been wrong about the Infecteds? "We aren't alone," were the next words out of her mouth. I froze with fear and was about to ask what she meant- although that would be idiotic as I already knew the answer- when I saw what she meant for myself.
The silhouetted figures in the corners of the room, which had been hidden and passed off as random junk stirred and began moving forward. I froze in horror. My mouth formed an "O" of shock. I couldn't scream, or even warn Abbie that they were right behind her. I got the feeling she already knew.
I just stood, paralyzed, my mouth hanging open, until what had been lurking in the shadows stepped forward, revealing itself completely...

Author Notes: Suspense building. I have no idea how to follow up on this. CRAVING CHEESE

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8 May, 2014
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3 mins
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