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The Fact Of Myself

The Fact Of Myself

By abdurraheem12

It was some time ago that i had come across with many problems. I remember I was in 10th standard, in an Indian school. I would always pass just by one or two marks.I many times worked had but it was of no use. I finally landed in sadness every-time. i used to get irritated of myself that even after working so hard it would be of no use.
  one day I saw a BEAUTY and was terribly in love with her. found out her name, address, phone number, and everything. But i could not tell her my feelings anytime. if she would feel bad i would cry. 
   I was soo really very scared that if i lose her I cant study nor can i do anything in my life.
  EXAMS were on and it was for my career,and i was tiered by hiding my feeling.
  One final day i said her but she was like I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU. i was totally broken as she also said that she hates me to the CORE.
I worked hard, very hard studied in the night , morning, noon everywhere . finally got a good result.
  FROM that day I was some where and I dont know where she went. but i can never fall in love with  ANYONE cause ONCE YOU LOVE SOMEONE IT IS VERY DIFFICULT TO FORGET THEM. i only want one thing in life, that girl should atleast realize that there is someone who loves her more that his life and that is ME.
   Recently i also came to know that she had a boyfriend. and he was non other than my best friend.
   I was broKEN AGAIN. 
   but never mind life is all of ups and downs. I promised myself that i will make her realize me.and i sticked to my promise and finally i completed it.
   SHe realized my importance came to me, but it was too really very late,as i was in my grave. died for MY LOVE. i LOVED her truely but then i think i was betrayed from my friend  who actually also killed ME.... :'(

Author Notes: may you all like this one.... its my first story in lifetime....which is partly true.....

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2 Jan, 2015
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1 min
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