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The Fall of Kabul

The Fall of Kabul

By KeithLankford

Central intelligence
Agents take flight
Well known enemies
Meetings at night
Planning and plotting
They just might
Taliban talks
Will TAPI be all right
Will you defend
What we hold true
Taliban your home
If you take Kabul
Will you defend
Our freedoms this night
Fought for so long
A dead soldiers plight

Kabul falls

We welcome you
With open arms
A present for you
Please do no harm
If you need cash
It is our friend
We’ll send you some
From distant lands
If you need refuge
Please take quick flight
Not on your own
Worry it might
If you want freedom
It is well known
You took it from us
We secured our home
The death of America

The CIAs meeting with the Taliban to ensure the safety and protection of the TAPI oil pipeline months before the fall of Kabul.
Dick Cheney first noted interest in the construction of this pipeline which runs across Afghanistan.

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19 Nov, 2021
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