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The Feels

The Feels

By the_confetti_bandit

Many people don't know what it is to feel the desperation of our sorrow. To feel a single gap in our hearts. An agonizing moment in life. A tragedy to remember. Many just talk without knowing the real pain. They think we're just over exaggerating our grief, but it's not like that.
This gloom is taking over making us almost life less. We no longer see the cheery bliss. No longer the feel of hope that we once had. It almost feels as if no one is there to listen for our cries of help, as if it was our own faults. Yet things just happen. It's what reality feels like. For those that don't understand stop trying to put yourselves in our shoes. This is something we would never wish on anyone upon. For those that love to pester us stop trying to weaken us.
We already know what we look like. We try to smile for the rest of you just as if nothing has happened. This is a serious feel so please don't play with our emotions.
For those that do know don't let this bring you down. Out of all that cloudy mist that we have trapped inside their is a single radiant spark twinkling around. Giving us a bit of hope. So guess what we can all make it so enjoy life instead of carrying this shadow around.

Author Notes: It is something I had made up as i was thinking about some problems. Hopefully it is ok.

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23 Dec, 2014
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